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Is Q90T a good TV for Xbox Series X?

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I almost made a decision to buy Samsung 55Q90T TV, but as usual, before I made my decision to buy the TV, I checked if there has been problems with the model. 


And as I've read the forums here or in reddit, I've seen that it is definitely not without problems and also Samsung doesn't seem to care about their customers to actually admit the problems publicly and provide info if they will fix them or not. 


Still, the only other option seem to be LG CX model, but I don't want to buy Oled anymore (owned 2 and both had burn ins).


What should I do? Is it safe to buy this TV? I won't be able to wait till next year's models. 

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I would say go for it! alot of samsung TVs work really well with the xbox, I have been using my samsung 4k tv with my xbox for about 2 years and its amazing!

That doesn't answer the question.

Your 2 year old model may not have issues the 2020 models do.


I am also in the same boat, I have a PS5 arriving next month and wanting a new TV. Set on the 65 Q90T but like you, all I hear about is issues in game mode so I'm going to wait until people test these sets with next gen consoles.

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No-one else has opinions or information about this? Has anyone on this forum good experience about Q90T during gaming?


Unfortunate news everyone. I own a 65" Samsung Q90T. Bought it specifically to be ready for the Xbox Series X. Just received the Xbox Series X today (early via Walmart pre-order). Q90T Game mode has serious problems. Q90T game mode will NOT work when Xbox Series X General video modes "allow 4k" is selected. Game mode WILL work when "allow 4k" is deselected. You can use game mode with 1440p resolution at 120Hz. You can then have low response times as stated on reviews (~10.2ms), but you won't get 4k or HDR. The alternative is to play in 4k with HDR at up to 120Hz WITHOUT game mode, very pretty but the input lag is nasty at about 70ms. When you try "allow 4k" on the Xbox series x at either 120Hz or 60Hz with the Q90T game mode "on" the screen will either act like there is no signal from the HDMI port OR the screen goes absolutely bonkers (in a bad way) with huge horizontal sections of the screen freaking out with a jumble of noisy colors. There is also a kind of double vision effect the occurs in the image. It is completely unusable. This situation is a huge shame and a big let down. For more info on HDMI 2.1 gaming features growing pains i recommend the YouTube channel "Stop the FOMO" which has been informative for me. I do NOT think this is an XBOX Series X problem. I would love to have Samsung follow up with me (as well as the community) on this issue. It would be great to understand the root cause of the problem and how it will be fixed.


Have you got any videos to showcase what's happening?


There's a new firmware update on the US site:


Thanks. I see that. I have 1402 version rather than the new 1403 version from today...but, I don't have a USB to perform the update. The TV isn't pulling down the new update when i ask it to check for updates.


Here is a picture of game mode on when the Xbox Series X is set to "allow 4k". It is the same result in 120Hz and in 60Hz.

     One other update. When game mode is off and the Xbox series X has "allow 4k" I have an additional issue that is NOT a problem when you are in the Xbox Series X home menus but IS a problem when you load a game. Again... game mode is off, you load a game and the back lighting (maybe local dimming zones?) are flickering, a LOT! The work around I've found is to turn off input signal plus and then turn it back on, that fixes most of the back light flickering (90%), but it is a hassle as you have to do this every time you load a defeats the purpose of quick resume if I have to monkey with the TV settings to get rid of horrible flickering...and like I said it only fixes the issue maybe 90%.


This sounds like a HDMI cable problem.


Try turning the TV on before you turn the Xbox on and see that solves it. 




Ok, some pretty great news. All of the issues I reported above were with HDMI input 4 (the one that has a game symbol next to it). After changing to HDMI input #1 I am now able to play with game mode on at 4k (3840x2160) Freesync(VRR) 59Hz Input Signal Plus HDR UHD. I am NOT having any flickering back light issues. I don't have to fiddle with any menus on the TV or switch things around. The image looks fantastic. The Xbox Series X is set to 4k 60Hz. 120Hz will NOT work on HDMI #1. Still, it is a much better situation than what I was dealing with last night and earlier today. I still want to game in 4k with HDR VRR and 120Hz, but that isn't working currently. At least the input lag isn't a problem on HDMI #1 since I can use game mode on the Q90T along with 60 Hz 4K HDR with VRR.

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