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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs


So, of the nigh on 400 TVs supported in BBC iplayer for the Blue Planet II  HLG episodes none are from Samsung. Oh joy. 


Moderator edit: Original thread title was "Blue Planet 2 HLG - No Samsung". With the OP's permission, the title was changed on 12/03/2018 to accurately reflect the dominant theme of the thread as it has progressed. If the reader would like to know more about the HLG format, please check out the BBC's page and FAQ's on it here: Thank you, AntS.

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Hi @rozel, as requested, I can confirm that the KS model does not support HDR10+, as it is a 2016 model.

@ Everyone, guys let's take this down a notch and keep things civil. :smiling-face:

Civilization is not to insist when things are not known

Saverio Casadidio

@SaudA wrote:

Hi @rozel, as requested, I can confirm that the KS model does not support HDR10+, as it is a 2016 model.

@ Everyone, guys let's take this down a notch and keep things civil. :smiling-face:

Thank you for some polite and straight talking - very much appreciated.  There's been a lot of missinformation put about by many people and a lot of complaints (some rightly so and some not) about this series of TV's.  I was asking in a very polite way for proof - something I know @Saverio571  cannot do - he just makes strong statements without backing them up.  When asked again for proof, he turns to rudeness, as he has done again, despite your request for civility.  I hate rude people - at least @blenky  has been very civil on this matter.  I won't go on but if @Saverio571  continues to be rude, I shall request again that he is banned.  Thank you again for stating that my TV is not capable of producing HDR10Plus; coming from Samsung, of course I will accept that.  My UE65KS9500 still knocks all but the very best OLED sets into a cocked hat :smiling-face:

Do you stop insisting Rozel?
There is no need for proof. I know Samsung TVs much better than you do. So if I tell you that HDR10 + is not there, it means that I know for sure that it is not there. And you keep insisting that you want proof. I repeat to you. If you don't know things, don't insist on those who know much more about you. You serve as a lesson

Saverio Casadidio

No I am not insisting, not sure you have read my above post with care.  You are continuing to put me down, as always.  I am now going to formally ask that you are banned from this forum as you are continuing to be rude towards me, which is not acceptable.  I've asked politely several times now to stop, to no avail.

Trolls are banned in the forums. Trolls are those who spread false news. And you were reporting fake news claiming that KS has HDR10+

Saverio Casadidio

As has been explained unfortunately 2016 Samsung Tv's do not support HDR10+, whilst it is not strictly a requirement in the forum to back up claims links do help.  I think we should all be aware there is a difference between members who may be mistaken rather than being deliberately provocative.   Whilst some users will have greater expertise, we can all learn from each other.


Not sure if this is the correct thread, but I’m hoping that someone with greater knowledge than me might be able to help?


Now that Sky Q offers Netflix and Disney+ in HDR, I was wondering what the best way to enjoy the streaming services would be on a KS set.


I have the option of Apple TV 4K, Sky Q and the internal apps, I’m wondering if any of those are better than the others in terms of picture quality?

Superuser I
Superuser I

@SHIVERME  Unfortunately whilst Ks sets support  HLG via Broadcast, Digital, Terrestrial and USB, they do not support it via HDMI.  Can support HDR but HLG is an encoded format, as previously mentioned on this thread HDR10+ cannot be supported though.  HLG is the format on SkyQ for its content and the integrated    Netflix/Disney Plus.    You should be able to get HDR10 on the Tv's apps for Netflix and  Disney plus, same applies to Apple Tv.


An explanation was given in this thread :     A bit more on SkyQ's offering here: 


As I do not have either Apple Tv or Disney Plus cannot comment first hand  on picture quality, though have been reports that Disney Plus HDR  was maybe not the most impressive .     Whilst have not  seen much of Sky's HDR thus far seems to be fine,generally for Tv apps on Samsung 2017 models have found Amazon Prime's HDR a bit better but not that much of a difference.     Perhaps others can share their experience.  

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