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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs


So, of the nigh on 400 TVs supported in BBC iplayer for the Blue Planet II  HLG episodes none are from Samsung. Oh joy. 


Moderator edit: Original thread title was "Blue Planet 2 HLG - No Samsung". With the OP's permission, the title was changed on 12/03/2018 to accurately reflect the dominant theme of the thread as it has progressed. If the reader would like to know more about the HLG format, please check out the BBC's page and FAQ's on it here: Thank you, AntS.

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There is a problem with your argument which is fundamental. Panasonic were and are able to play Iplayer HLG now and the previous Iplayer 20 second test last year. They are supporting not only 2016, but also 2015 TV's. Therefore the specs must have been know before 2015 and if Panasonic can get it right as a high quality manufacturer, then there is no excuse why Samsung can not! What I think also makes it worse is the low end market are able to play Iplayer HLG and Samsung can not which  asks the question is Samsung producing a high end product? I know your photo's look good (and probably are from Samsung), with more excuses, but if other low cost brands can play Iplayer HLG, I think less of excuses and more sorting this out and quickly. 

I do not think it is unreasonable to expect a 2015 tech to be supported by a 2016 TV especially when they said it would through various Tech magazines (even though they now deny ever saying that)!  That is why I paid the considerable amount of money for what I thought was a leading edge TV in design and functions, a top of the bunch, and now these low end models are putting Samsung to shame! Why after this would I pay a premium for one of your TV's when I can pay less than half, and get a TV that I can not see any difference in the picture quality and is upto date!

I now have some tech question.

You say it is not to do with the HLG but the stream, which at the moment with Iplayer it is over the Internet, so when it is broadcast over the air will it use the same transport?

Why does it seem Youtube works but not Iplayer they are both over the Internet?

Is there a software solution?

When did Iplayer decide which transport to use (remember Panasonic got it right)?

And should the head of tech and design be sacked????

Customers would like certain things when they buy products and quite often loyalty also plays a part. I think Samsung have forgotten that, when you see the amount of unhappy customers on these and other forums.




There's no Samsung tvs in that list. Very disappointing. 

@Baulds wrote:

There's no Samsung tvs in that list. Very disappointing. 

We have all been miss lead, miss sold and lied to, good old Samsung, must have the worse support of all tech companies! And as someone else had said they still have not fixed the security crack yet that invades our privacy!



Good on the BBC for removing Samsung from that list and showing them for what they are, just seeking PR and sales regardless of actually delivering what they say they will.  The article about Blue Planet in 4K HLG has been in virtually all major publications as well as on the BBC website with links back to the supported list of TVs, so Samsung have benefited from the PR and advertising without delivering.  Maybe they would be good enough to explain exactly what is happening and what went wrong?


Hopefully this gets picks up by the wider online press, as people should know that Samsung TVs, certainly the 2016 and 2017 models appear unable to support iPlayer in 4K and are therefore a risky buy on the basis of








@AntS wrote:

Hi all.


Official statement on the 2016 models:


“We are pleased to confirm all 2016 Samsung UHD TV’s have been enabled to support UHD HDR HLG content via TV broadcast as was promised (Ensure the latest software version is installed).

Please note this differs from that used by the BBC i-Player Online Streaming service and there are no plans at this time to enable it for 2016 devices.”


Regarding the 2017 range and Blue Planet II: "We are working closely with the BBC to enable our 2017 Samsung UHD models (MU & QE) to access the service."

Hi Ant


Could you please update us on this fiasco.  


Regarding the 2017 range and Blue Planet II: "We are working closely with the BBC to enable our 2017 Samsung UHD models (MU & QE) to access the service."



The statement above is now out of date as we know the BBC have removed every Samsung TV from the supported list, so what is happening exactly.





I second that. Samsung deserve to be called out for selling (effectively) obsolete equipment. As the owner of a 2015 js model I'm sickened that they've all but washed their hands of their duty of care for my 2 year old set. I'm certain that it's not beyond their capability to get your and my TVs uploaded with the revelent firmware but they seem to be dismissive.  Shocking behaviour.

How do you know what year you tv is? Mine is a UE5MU6200 curved which i only purchased in July this year. When you pay £900 for you'd expect it to be capable of it all.



I believe your model is a 2017 model that originally appeared on the BBC supported list, only to be removed by the BBC as Samsung hadn't delivered.





That's correct - 2017 UHD.

You can see the Samsung naming scheme *****

Thanks, yes 2017 I was worried I'd been sold a duffer lol. It's unbelievable that last years tvs have no plans to be upgraded. That's absolutely disgraceful. I used to work for mitsubishi electric and made vcrs. They kept their support division open in the UK for 7 years after the stopped making the video recorders for service and repairs, but Samsung can't or won't update software on a TV that's a year old. I think I should have went for the Sony TV I was looking at rather than this one as it appears it may be obsolete next month. 

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