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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs

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I will do the questionnaire as well if it appears for me, will definitely be putting all no's into the answers.

@shimceltic, thanks for the pointer.
Left feedback twice, once for the TV and once for the support.
ON the KS owners refund thread

I just put this answer to a question,

Tazg101 wrote:

i'm putting together an email to richer sounds regarding the smartthings fiasco. Can someone confirm where samsung have said this won't be avilable for KS owners?

Hi this is a reply fromSamsung which is a total lie as you can see from the Curry's link.


Regarding the Smart Connect USB dongle, we recommend seeking for assistance with Currys to provide confirmation if it is their promotion so that they can provide options for you. As of this time, Samsung has no existing offer for the free USB dongle.


Here is the are the links


They are really trying to crawl out of their promises!!!!!!!!!!!


@AntS Can you really justify Samsung's actions. It's a disgrace. They are miss leading, miss selling and actually making bare face lies. It is totally unacceptable and in my opinion no company should act like this towards it customers. Please help to sort it.


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I've replaced two TVs this Christmas, both old ones being approx 10 years old. I bought my mum a 40" Samsung - she already has a small Samsung elsewhere in her house so UI familiarity was a factor. It's a 2017 model, looks good - and UHD iPlayer happens to work - though not a significant factor on a 40" LED set.

Then after Christmas I set to on replacing my solid old 50" Samsung plasma. I had been previously considering another Samsung but after seeing on other forums, and then on here, the hassle you guys were getting with no semblance of even short term support and promises not kept, my money went elsewhere and I have a new 55" LG in place as a direct result of the way Samsung have been treating its customers. It now won't affect me directly for a long time - I tend to make TVs last a very long time - so I am now a long lost customer - but I do hope Samsung see some sense and start treating their customers better. Good luck folks.

@daleski75 wrote:

I am going to keep on at them as they are not above the law and want to get their final response in writing before I mention about court and see what they come back with then.

Also, you have taken all reasonable steps in respect of exercising your rights under the law, at your own cost in terms of time and expense. Going forward, if they refuse to acknowledge your rights and act responsibly, you might consider a charge you will charge them for each and every subsequent letter, email or phone call you find necessary in order to assert your legal rights as a consumer. Tell them politely you will charge them (say £20) each time you have to communicate with them, as you have already fulfilled your obligations under the law, until the matter is resolved. This is to cover your time and any expenses. 


Note: I’m in no way offering actual legal advice, as I’m not qualified.

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@daleski75 wrote:

I have been met by silence now with curry's after they stated I cannot do/say anything as it's been 18 months since I purchased the TV despite telling them that consumer law dictates you have 6 years to tell them if you've been sold faulty goods, not as described etc but they where having none of it.


Going to give them a few more days before sending a further email with more proof about my rights as a consumer and will see how I get on.

This is why I never ever buy anything from Curry's.  Not even batteries in an emergency. They flatly deny your legal rights and fob people off and get away with it in most cases (one is too many). It is deliberate company policy to try to deny customers their statutory rights, and if they are ever caught they always cite "training needed" as an excuse. They don't get to "have none of it", it's THE LAW.


Don't let them off the hook. And please, please, in future - DO NOT SHOP THERE.




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@paul1277 wrote:

Here is another lame excuss from Samsung support


 As for the link related to HDR, we have checked that this is under Samsung US and covers Samsung televisions which are manufactured for the US. As of this time, there is no plan yet of enabling the UHD version of BBC iPlayer for your given TV model which is UK-based.



If you require additional support,


^^^ false statement using the word "additional", implying that her reply was in any way "support"


you can find How-To videos, answers to your questions and other useful information about Samsung products on our Support website


Kind regards,


Shieryl M

Wow. Thanks for sharing. This is a new level of dumb from Samsung I hadn't seen before!

"Shieryl M" need to be told what the "B" in "BBC" stands for.

She's almost implying that it you had an American model, you'd get 4k iPlayer support.


(And no, of course the promise was not restricted to American models only - another lie).



@shimceltic wrote:

Click on the blue Samsung link at the top of the pare, that will bring you to a homepage, on the left there is a link saying feedback. That's what I used 

Just realised I totally messed up, click the blue Samsung link top of the page, on the right there is the feedback link. Hopefully you can find it. 


Currys responded to my customer services email stating that as I bought the TV in store I'd need to bring my mis-selling issue to the store! Totally unaccetable response!




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@spellinn wrote:

Currys responded to my customer services email stating that as I bought the TV in store I'd need to bring my mis-selling issue to the store! Totally unaccetable response!




Of course. Tell them that they'd need to talk to their MP and start the long process of changing the law.


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