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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs


So, of the nigh on 400 TVs supported in BBC iplayer for the Blue Planet II  HLG episodes none are from Samsung. Oh joy. 


Moderator edit: Original thread title was "Blue Planet 2 HLG - No Samsung". With the OP's permission, the title was changed on 12/03/2018 to accurately reflect the dominant theme of the thread as it has progressed. If the reader would like to know more about the HLG format, please check out the BBC's page and FAQ's on it here: Thank you, AntS.

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Same feeling. Even Panasonic has a community rep that knows whats happening and provide constant feedback to the owners.


yes this is *****, but dosnt seem to effect everyone


@disrember wrote:

yes this is *****, but dosnt seem to effect everyone

Hence why the disgruntled posts are appearing from owners of pre 2017, who've been ignored by Samsung and left out in the cold.


It's just so odd why Samsung are doing this to their once loyal customers. They still will not give an explanation why they won't update 2016 sets, even though I bet a lot of people bought them in 2017! Ants has gone very quite!


I’m tempted by the Roku stick - currently £64 on Amazon - but I shouldn’t have to. Another device to plug into the TV and the mains, another remote, and the expense when frankly my current Samsung set up has cost a fair few bob so far. I love my Samsung set up - 55KS7000, BD player, Soundbar, wireless rears - and I’ve recommended it and demo’ed it to anyone who will listen. This little debacle is making me reconsider. 


I see from the iplayer website that the TV I was considering when I bought my KS7000 a year ago - a Panasonic 2016 model, is supported. So Panasonic have done the right thing. After years with Panny (many plasma tv’s and always their camera’s) I think I might have made a mistake in believing that the grass would be greener in South Korea! 


Next year after ces the same Will happen to 2017 models. Samsung is treating their TVs like smartphones, only the year model has support.


TVs are not smartphones.


Samsung have certainly let down their UK customers in thinking that 4k support let alone HLG is not worth their time to update the 2016 TV's.  Well BBC iPlayer is probably the most used platform due to its vast content of library and no direct subscription costs other than the compulsory TV licence. So to exclude us from viewing the best resolution on a TV that is more than capable of delivering is the true defenition of stupidity. 

Nevertheless, Samsung can regain their trust from their loyal customers if they can update their 2016 to support 4K HLG and 4K for the 2015 and 2014 lineup. If not then bye bye Samsung and see you in the news about the fall in your UK TV market share. 




I'm a KS9500 owner for just over 12 months,  so not as long as others on this forum but nevertheless feel really let down by Samsung.   Have bought Samsung phones for years although this TV is the first non-Sony TV I have bought.   I've been shopping around for a new home cinema receiver so have asked the store managers what they think about this state of affairs: -

1.  John Lewis - Samsung Rep said it was the first he'd heard about it (last Saturday)

2. Richer Sounds -  Store Manager said he'd never heard about it

3. Curry's where I bought the TV  -  Sales Assistant and Store manager clearly stated it was not their problem as the were acting as re-release and any claim,  wait for this......, would need to be taken to Samsung through the Small Claims Court!!!  They were acting very defensively and both stated they'd heard nothing.


Are Currys  correct in that this issue must be taken to Samsung? Have the sellers no legal obligations on this? Stupid manager even suggested I bring my set in to have it checked!


Would welcome a legal eagle's viewpoint on this please?




It seem's that Samsung my be deleting messages. 

As for legal action the Oct 2015 European Consumer Regs say you have to make a claim against the retailer, not the manufacturer. It clearly states that if it is advertised or you ask abouts capabilities and is not able to do as advertised then that is miss selling. The Trusted review posted in Dec 2016 an article about HLG and they said that Samsung would be fully supporting HLG.  Thatb is why Curry's are a bit cagy because it to them you make a claim. I had JS8000 which was advertised as fully HDR10, but when it Netflix started broadcasting HDR it would not do it. After a lot of arguments and finally a letter of intention to take legal action against Curry's I received a full refund. Thing is Samsung behaved terribly, blaming Netflix (it was Netflix who told me that Samsung had the wrong app and were not updating it). They then tried to say the TV was not even HDR, and I was given the wrong information from Curry's. They then stopped answering any call's or emails. Call to Citizens Advice and template letter's did the job. 

Also What Hi Fi reported that Samsung would be supporting 2016 TV'S!

the js8000 got HDR support a year ago... It required a firmware update and then the latest netflix was able to download.

As a comparison..... my 2010 UE46C8000 few years ago the BBC withdraw support for the iplayer app and offered people a discounted amazon fire tv stick
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