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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs


So, of the nigh on 400 TVs supported in BBC iplayer for the Blue Planet II  HLG episodes none are from Samsung. Oh joy. 


Moderator edit: Original thread title was "Blue Planet 2 HLG - No Samsung". With the OP's permission, the title was changed on 12/03/2018 to accurately reflect the dominant theme of the thread as it has progressed. If the reader would like to know more about the HLG format, please check out the BBC's page and FAQ's on it here: Thank you, AntS.

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missed this insrtead I am watching french open in HLG oover V6 box on my OLED C7

Is BT app available only for BT customers of virgin media customers can also watch using this?


I'm a VM customer. I also have taken out three months free trial on BT Sport as part of my mobile phone contract .  I installed the BT Sports App on my KS TV and on my Apple 4K TV box. Via the app you were offered 1080p HDR not UHD.  I tried both apps and I saw quite a bit of noise and motion was not smooth.  Not sure what flavour of HDR as KS set justs sets itself to HDR.  Colours looked good though.  In the end I watched it via the VM V6 box on the BT UHD channel.  OK didn't have the HDR but pin sharp and smooth as butter. 


Looking at Samsungs page for my KS 7000 yesterday  ( )

I noticed that there is a download available for firmware version 1240.


I have 1239 via memory stick from Samsung and have switched off auto update

as 1239 works fine for me. However has anybody any idea what 1240 is for KS series?

Is the same firmware 1239 and 1233. Only for unify the same firmware with two number
Many Thanks!

Thanks for the heads up - it's available too for my KS9500, so I assume it's available for all KS sets. Not sure why it isn't available OTA. I thought this is what they would do, to bring 1233 up to spec of 1239 (re apps).

OTA version may come later?
I was not sure if OTA is in place as I switched off auto updates a few months back.
I will wait a while before switching it on again as I read that some
recent updates have caused issues - not sure if true just playing safe.
I have read that Sky may switch on HDR in July - again not verified but
if true I would like to see how it runs on my current firmware.

Yes, I think you may be right.  I'm tempted to keep 1239, which I know works - better the devil you know.  As I've said, Samsung UK told me the difference between the 1233 and 1239 was that 1239 added some additional apps.  And 1240 has been uploaded to "amalgamate 1233 & 1239 so that future updates follow on.  Once someone has taken the plunge, I'll upgrade to 1240.  Where did you read about Sky's HDR switch next month?

In this post by "Tarbet" on 3-06-2019 in the following thread:-
Tarbet should read Tarbat.
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