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ip address zeroes out- for the fifth time this year

(Topic created on: 26/07/20 01:12)
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Okay, so I noticed on my Samsung QLED 6 series 65 inch that every month or so... on average that the ip adress, check point and mac address will all set to zero.  Now, I tried all advice listed when I launch an app but nothing works. All four solutions yield no result.  Now what I have often done is reset to factory settings and just add on internet from the welcone menu and it works.  Then I log into all my families apps and after a half hour- yay! its all back up. 

But then it happened again.

...and again.

And "again." 

Now... This is the fifth time its happened. Its covid season and my parents are squabbling and incapable of troubleshooting  (I'm the former best buy employee who's the tech go to of my family) and they can't remember our internet login or how to log onto netflix, hulu, plex hbo whatever.  

And ive encountered a new issue.  Factory reset is grayed out....

So I am begging you- whats an easier, permanent solution to ending this once and for all.  Cause I really don't want to do this again a sixth time.

Thanks in advance.

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Probably you already tried this, but did you press the power button on the remote until the TV restarts? For me this solves the monthly loss of network connectivity without having to reset anything.


I have set a fixed IP address in the router, so on my tv it can be left on automatic. With a fixed IP Airplay seems to be more stable.