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Invalid Mac address


Our TV (UE40J6300) has lost it's wireless connection to our home network. When trying to reconnect it I'm getting the following message: 

"Invalid MAC Address, call Samsung support" 

Have tried the TV reset function but no luck. All our other devices, phones, laptops etc connect without a problem. 

Our TV is only just over a year old. I have seen posts on other forums about this problem with Samsung TV's. 

Any help / suggestions on how this can be fixed without the need for calling out an engineer would be appreciated.

Worked! I was trying to repeat the setup and was wondering why it wouldn't list any available networks. I was trying manual settings to no avail and then found this solution. Worked for me. Thank you!

hi there ants, my samsung smart series 7 tv is not working it says mac address invalid and also everything is 0000  and i also i cant enter to wireless wifi settings, when i try it says checking wireless wifi network



do u have any solutions for these problems


Hi @abdure99 ,


What's the model code and full software version of your TV? (Menu / Settings > Support > Contact Samsung / About This TV.)


What troubleshooting have you tried? Anything advised in this thread, for example? And do you have any other devices on the same Wi-Fi network?

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After months of it not doing it (because i leave it on sleep mode indefinitely and cannot shut the TV else it loses connection) it loses connection again. Been screwing around with it for a long time. This stupid TV is a constant battle and i will never ever buy a Samsung product again. 


@Casabasa412   @abdure99  Have you tried some of the  recommendations mentioned in the thread.


Solution which  has worked for some:


Firstly ensure you have latest firmware, if still issues


 Power off (plug out from the outlet ) the TV for 30 seconds  and plug  back in in

Go to Menu->Support ->Self Diagnosis ->Reset

This will reset TV settings and will need to power on TV at this point

This is new settings and you need to go through setting your language etc.

This will try to reconnect , though possibly may connect to  modem but not Internet

If still an issue, reset DNS Network -> status -> IP settings and set DNS to  or or or

Now  hopefully  you will  be able to connect to Internet

 your apps would have been lost  though and so need to go to Apps and download favourite ones again.




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Thought I'd chip in as I've had the same problem on and off for a while. Invalid Mac address and unable to pick up wireless connection. Having read through a few threads I decided to take the back off the TV and get the model number for the WiFi module to replace it. Quite a lot of dust had accumulated so blew as much off as I could, once I'd put the back of the TV on and set it up again it connected straight away and has been fine since . Possibly dust build up around the module is affecting connection? Anyway I've ordered another module online for less than £10 in case it goes again. 


Hi Ants,  my tv had the same problem : every time I turn off all network confirguration is gone nas I need reset and do all over again.  Coul you help me?

MN : UE49KU6670
PD : 06/24/2017
SN : 093S3SEH500249Y
FW : T-JZMDEUC-1242.0
FC : SWU-OU_T-JZMDEUC_1242_200130
VS : 1242.200130

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