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Invalid Mac address


Our TV (UE40J6300) has lost it's wireless connection to our home network. When trying to reconnect it I'm getting the following message: 

"Invalid MAC Address, call Samsung support" 

Have tried the TV reset function but no luck. All our other devices, phones, laptops etc connect without a problem. 

Our TV is only just over a year old. I have seen posts on other forums about this problem with Samsung TV's. 

Any help / suggestions on how this can be fixed without the need for calling out an engineer would be appreciated.


Still not fixed. Has been doing this for months (literally a few days after my warranty ended). Can confirm what others have said that once the tv is turned off that's when it will not find any connection once turned back on. If left in sleep mode indefinitely, it will maintain the connection. The last time it happened I was on the phone with customer service for over two hours i think. They couldn't help me. It just eventually started magically working on its own hours later. I tried everything mentioned in YouTube videos, everything mentioned by the customer service people and everything in this thread (sans opening up the tv in the back). This is definitely a parts issue that has been going on for years with multiple models. When the **** are they going to get their **** together, own up, recall or in very least extend the warranty so we can have the part replaced? 


I am having the same issue on my Samsung smart TV

product info

model code: UN65KS8000

sr number: 05K63CCHA13752A

sw version: T-JZMAKUC-1241.5, BT-S

sub-micom version: T-JZMAKUS-1007


plugged TV power off and on and it would connect back wirelessly to the WiFi network before getting disconnected a few min later. 

strangely for the past two years I had the TV hardwired to the Ethernet and it worked fine. 
Only when I went back to connecting wirelessly recently did the problem start to happen. 
This seems to be an obvious defect on the wireless portion of the tv. 
Samsung, What is the solution for this problem?


It’s ridiculous how many have posted here and how many have not been fixed, including me. What a waste of a TV. I really liked Samsung products, but definitely not their TVs

There is only one fix for this problem.  There are two parts in the TV that can fail and cause this issue.  Until you have the part or parts replaced, the issue will not be resolved.  It is a failure of a Samsung part.  It is known by Samsung and they don't give a $hit.


No solution as far as I know. Looks like they don't have a fix for it yet. 

Chatted with their tech who was not able to resolve it for me. 
I went back to hardwiring the TV to the internet instead of waiting for a solution from them.
Got an Ethernet switch and connected the tv directly to it.


Hi,same problem here ,but mine was a little different,so i opened the secret menu of the smart tv and i changed something there from wifi_ext to wifi_int and the tv deleted the MAC adress.I found a video how to open again the secret menu and changed that otion again like it was and case solved.For more live helps please contact me through facebook bc I don't  open to much this gmail 

Thanks in advance for who can understand me :smiling-face:


I have done all of that.  Yes, it works, but then it loses connection again.


i have the same thing....but mac is not changed it is still and tv is not getting connected to the internet do i solve this?


There are two electronic parts that consistantly fail on Samsung TV's.  (Samsung knows this and does not care) The only solution is to call Samsung repair and have the faulty part replaced.  Expect to pay about $300+ for the service call and the part.


For 300$ you can buy a fire TV stick (this is what I did) or Roku and use you Samsung TV as dumb screen. Just remember that Samsung TVs are unreliable next time you purchase a new TV.

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