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Invalid Mac address


Our TV (UE40J6300) has lost it's wireless connection to our home network. When trying to reconnect it I'm getting the following message: 

"Invalid MAC Address, call Samsung support" 

Have tried the TV reset function but no luck. All our other devices, phones, laptops etc connect without a problem. 

Our TV is only just over a year old. I have seen posts on other forums about this problem with Samsung TV's. 

Any help / suggestions on how this can be fixed without the need for calling out an engineer would be appreciated.


To all, thanks for all your help.  The only thing that has worked thus far. Is to physically unplug the tv for a few minutes. Once i did this, the mac came back and the remote also started to work. I know this is not a permanent fix.  My plan is to take it back to best buy., prolly have throw a big fit. But i will get it replaced. 




I had the same issue and solved it installing a firmware update.

I actually tried to update the firmware with a cable connection to the router but, even if the internet connection was working, the automatic procedure couldn't find any available update.

So I downloaded the last available version from Samsung and installed it with a USB stick.

By now it's still working.


I had tried all the more complicated solutions to the problem of phone, printer, etc, connecting to internet, but not my Samsung TV doing so for access to Netflix et all -- re-entering SSID and passwords, disconnecting router, etc.  In a fit of frustration, I disconnected the TV itself for 10 minutes.  When I reconnected it, all was fine with its connections to my online services.  Apparently, all mine needed was a time out.  Hope this works for some of you!

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This is the same old cant connect to the internet problem where the tv will recognize it’s connection and then lose it once turned off. When powered back on, the tv can’t recognize any networks unless you do a soft reset. I have spoken to over 10 different reps from Samsung and each one gave me a different answer. Also they were rude and didn’t answer my questions. They kept saying it is the internet but I have called my internet provider and set up qos to prioritize the tv and still this keeps happening. Samsung fix your tv. 

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Tonight i called Samsung support and to my surprise the 'invalid MAC address' issue was addressed by the representative within a few minutes...


Power off (plug out from the outlet ) the TV for 30s and plug in

Go to Menu->Support ->Self Diagnosis ->Reset

This will reset TV settings and will need to power on TV at this point

This is new settings and you need to go through setting your language etc. 

This will try to reconnect ... in my case it connected to my modem but not connected to internet

Go to Network -> status -> IP settings and set DNS to

Now you are all set and you should be able to connect to Internet

Remember, your apps would have been lost and so need to go to Apps and download your favorite ones again


I was amazed with the ease with with the representive handled the issue and she helped resolved this issue within few minutes.  This is the first time i approached Samsung and they set a great example of customer services ...

Kudos to them and i will recommend Samsung products to anyone, going forward.  Really impressed!

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HI There , anyone knows is tha possible to change the MAC address of Samsung Smart TV?
I have just encountered the same problem but found that just turning the power off to the TV for a minute or so has solved it and the MAC address is now back, not sure how long this will last.

Power off and resets may work for some,  also ensure that you have the latest firmware upgrade. However if unresolved you should try the  recommended samsung solution posted on page 1 of this thread by @Veejee


Hello to everyone. 

I've given up using the wireless connection as the TV rarely regained the wireless Mac address and I got feed up with turning it on and off all the time. I have now created a wired network using some Powerline Network Adaptors. These are the units you plug into your mains sockets and have a network cable you plug into the TV and the other adaptor connects to your router in the same way. They then use the household wiring circuit to transfer data. The reason we used these was due to the fact our router is upstairs while the TV is downstairs. All I then had to do was reset the network type on the TV from wireless to wired. This was done over a month ago and I've had no problems with the TV connecting to the Internet or using any Apps. I've also noticed that the performance of the TV seems a lot better using a wired network than when using the wireless connection even on the few occasions it did work. I hope this is of help.


What is the 4 digit pin to reset the tv?

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