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Intermittent signal loss

(Topic created on: 22-08-2020 05:34 PM)

I have a 55" Q95T and since setting it up I have suffered from regular, intermittent issues with HDMI signal loss.


On turning on the TV it will either display the feed from my Virgin Media Tivo V6 as expected or it will display a no signal error.  I have similar issues when accessing the output of my Sony blu Ray.


Swithing source from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 and back sometimes addresses the issue. Clicking Troubleshoot and going through the 1 minute diagnostics sometime addressed the issue. Turning the One Connect box off at the plug and back on always instantly addresses the issue. 


I have seen this issue maybe 20 times in two days of using this TV (admittedly I am testing out 'fixes' to the problem) but although intermittent the problem appears to be frequent.


I have tried swapping out HDMI leads, setting up with just the TIVO and not the Blue Ray, Changing HDMI ports, Re-Setting to Factory settings on the TV.. all to no avail. I think this might be frustrating as the 'fixes' don't always work.


Once the signal is coming through everything works and stays working, HD, UHD, Sound etc. all fine

Anyone got a fix, I didn't expect this on a Flagship 2020 TV!


First Poster

Exact same thing happening with me on my 55Q95T. Most annoying. I have to unplug the one connect box every time. 

Samsung - can we get an answer to why this is happening on a £1,300 television. 


I actually solved this. It took a while but I persuaded Samsung to send an Engineer to replace the motherboard in the one connect.


He insisted that the problem was the cable but I managed to persuade him to leave it alone...


so, in the end a new motherboard was what fixed it for me.. not had any issues since