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Installation Service Across the UK and Warranty

(Topic created on: 05-02-2022 01:27 PM)
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Hi. I bought 65” QN90A Neo QLED 4K HDR Smart TV (2021) (QE65QN90AATXXU) with installation included delivery option on 19.01.2022 from Samsung Online. Samsung's partner The Panther company delivered the TV on 29.01.2022. However, the delivery crew refused to unpack and setup the TV claiming that the Panther is just a delivery company. I contacted both Samsung and the Panther to arrange my paid installation service. Samsung told me that the Panther is responsible for the installation and their installation people will visit me to complete the installation. Unfortunately, they sent the same Panther delivery team to make the installation. Poor guys clearly stated that they are not trained to install Samsung TV products and they do not have required insurance covering them. We contacted the Panther, and their office forced the delivery guys to mount the stand of the TV and plug the TV in the socket to make sure that TV receives electricity. And then they left.

Below you can see Samsung's delivery option which I paid extra for:







I raised several complaints to Samsung. I've been assured that Samsung will send their own technical people to finalize the installation. Unfortunately, it's been a week now and no one even contacted me regarding installation service. I think overseas call centre people do not know how Samsung operates in the UK.

The reason I bought the installation service was the warranty. Because that's how Samsung operates in other countries I lived. You purchase the product (without additional installation payment), they deliver the product. You call Samsung to book the installation and Samsung technicians come, unpack and setup your TV and start the warranty. If you do the installation yourself, that voids the warranty.

Can you tell me if I now setup the TV myself,  will that void the warranty in the UK as well? If it doesn't, I am going to setup it myself because I am going to have a SKY installation that requires a working TV and I will request a refund of the installation service.


I think you would have to contact
Customer support
Explaining you need technical support to finalise the installation
And explain the panther situation you need working tv as sky engineers need a working tv before they can arrange setup
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Hi @xSteveuk, thanks for the reply. However, as I wrote in my first post, I contacted Samsung Support many times, wrote them, called them. The only response I get is that they noted down my case. And that's not a solution.

Hello , so I'm just about to order you can see sort of the same it says free delivery and wall mount, I spoke with samsung yesterday they said I don't need to buy a wall mount they will bring one but the website says you need to buy one anyway I spoke with panther and they said they don't wall mount?