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HW-Q70R no sound over HDMI IN

(Topic created on: 05-03-2020 04:58 PM)


I just upgraded from a HW-Q60R to a HW-Q70R. I was using the Q60R it with HDMI ARC and my TV, as well as had my PC connected to the Soundbar's HDMI IN to give PC sound to the soundbar, and if needed also the picture to the TV. That worked fine. I just swapped the Q60R with the Q70R and my HDMI IN went deaf. The Q70R works fine with BT audio, and ARC via TV also works. I just can not get any input through HDMI IN. 

My PC is connected via a Geforce GTX 1080. Drivers are up to date, I just reinstalled them just to be sure. The PC recognizes the soundbar correctly as "SAMSUNG" (device name), just as it recognized the Q60R. It just doesn't show any picture (if TV is on) or play any sound. Do I have to change anything in Windows settings because the Q70R supports more formats? I doubt so, really. Audio management in Windows shows the device as available and sound levels are moving, I just don't hear anything.

Now I wondered if I messed up something with the cable and hooked the Q60R back up, sound immediately works. Swapped for Q70R, dead.

Can this be an issue with the HDMI IN port of the Q70R?


I already tried resetting the soundbar to factory, it didn't help. It is set to HDMI, just as I would with the Q60R.


Got the culprit,

it's the cable. Connected a different one, and sound is there. Probably the old cable can't transfer Atmos.

Is there anything I can change or set in Windows to disable Atmos and only send a conventional signal, that will work with an older cable?