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HW-MS6501 & M5 Speakers

(Topic created on: 19-06-2021 01:02 PM)
Stephen JC
First Poster

Struggling here to get the M5 speakers connected to my HW-MS6501 soundbar.  I have the additional accessory which is the WHM520V plugged into the HW-MS6501 as well.

I have connected the M5 speakers to the WAM250 hub but cannot connect the hub to the MS6501 either.

I do have a Samsung TV and can either use Wi-Fi or TV ARC to connect and the soundbar plays fine.

I tried the multiroom and can connect the Soundbar and 2x M5 speakers but that's great if I want it from my iPhone.  I dont see anything to connect to the TV.

I also tried the press and hold the volume button on the remote to get the ID SET, then power on and tried to connect the M5s that way but alas the blue light just flashes.


It would seem that the M5 speakers are not compatible with the HW-MS6501.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you...