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How to Update the Software on your Samsung TV

(Topic created on: 06-04-2020 02:15 PM)

Hi all,


Ensuring your TV’s software/firmware is up to date is a great way to keep it running at the top of its game, and is also frequently an important first troubleshooting step.


This video is a quick guide on how to update the software through an internet connection on your TV:




These are the steps:


  • Navigate to Settings
  • Go to Support;
  • Select Software Update;
  • Select Update Now;
  • Select No if you don't wish to install the update file from a connected USB flash drive;
  • Select Yes when the latest update is found;
  • The TV will automatically restart once the update is finished.


Also, you can update your TV's software using a USB flash drive/stick:


  • Navigate to the relevant TV model’s Support page on the website;
  • Go to Downloads;
  • Navigate to Upgrade File (USB type) then click on 'Downloads' button; 
  • Download on to a USB flash drive/stick;
  • Extract the firmware file on the USB flash drive/stick (the files tend to be a .exe application file when initially downloaded, which needs to extracted/unzipped - this usually can be done by doubleclicking on the file);
  • Insert the USB flash drive/stick into the TV;
  • Follow the instructions appropriate to your model to update.