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How to set up my tv to display films how the director intended.

(Topic created on: 01-05-2023 06:24 PM)
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I'm trying to set up my tv to present the image as close to what the director intended when watching films. But I'm not sure about some of the settings, if anyone has any answers for any of these questions it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
1. Picture Clarity setting: Is this what samsung call their frame/motion smoothing, I've turned it off assuming that is what it is.
2. PCM and digital output audio delay: Is pcm the best audio setting when I'm using two speakers connected via optical cable for my sound? (The speakers are Elipson Prestige Facet PF6B BT Phono) Also the digital output audio delay has defaulted to a setting of 100. Do I need this one or will I not get a delay with pcm output to the speakers? So should I set it to 0?
3. Should Dobly atmos be turned off if I'm just using two speakers and not surround sound?
4. Picture setup after selecting filmmaker mode: When I choose filmmaker mode does it auto set the brightness, contrast and sharpness at the right levels for displaying films as the director intended? Currently brightness is at 28, contrast at 45, and sharpness at 0.
5. Intelligent mode: Will turning this off also turn off the tvs ai upscaling and force it to use regular upscaling? I can't find any setting specifically for the ai upscaling anywhere.
6. Colour space: Is setting colour space to auto the best option?
7. Colour balance: What is the difference bewtween two point and 20 point? Do I even need to touch this?
8. Gamma bt.1886 vs 2.2: Which is better? I only use the tv in near complete darkness.
9. Colour tone: I assume standard is the right setting? As in it wont warm or cool the image and will just display it as close to as its supposed to be?