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How to downgrade from the horror firmware 1402.4?

(Topic created on: 28-11-2020 03:07 PM)
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Each time TV is turned on, the  subtext etc. settings are turned on. Sometimes the “subtext voice over” also is activated - even for recordings (and cannot be turned off in recorded videos).


Wireless DEX from my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is still not supported (wasn’t either for the previous firmware version). Who’d expect that to work, ehhh...?


Lot’s of other “oddities” introduced by 1402.4 firmware update. TV reset does not alter a thing.


Can I get a link to download the previous version - 13-something - so I can get back to a working TV again? The mess called 1402.4 should lead to someone getting fired at Samsung 😉


This will be the last Samsung Product I buy.


My Samsung monitor has been replaced recently with a far better from Dell, my Note 10+ is in the ejection seat, due to the still unsolved wireless DEX feature for Samsung TV’s and the horribly limited and crippled standard camera app, followed by the extreme limitations imposed by Samsung on third party camera apps. This does not happen on my Apple gear. FiLMiC Pro on Samsung and FiLMiC Pro on Apple are like two different worlds. And the Samsung world is akin to the camera version of “North Korea”, where “nothing goes”!


This TV will be replaced with a product from another manufacturer, when time comes (when 8k monitors become a bit more widespread).


But until then, I need to downgrade to a version 13-something for my TV to get it working reliably again.

I don't think the firmware can be downgraded ( at least not by us , "common people " .If it is possible, i would say only a technician could do that...