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How to delete default apps on Smart tv

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Can i delete default apps no smart tv. it show need of an update, but not enough memory, i have only few apps instaled my self with small memry space. rest is due




If i was you, i would get a cup of tea, settle back and read this thread!


Enjoy !


I have the same problem and am down to 1 per cent. The reason is they have recently added a load of bloatware apps 18 months after I bought the set, nearly fillign the RAM (I have added a small number of apps). I find this shocking. They include Britbox, which I have no use for, and Xite, which I have never heard of and don't want. 

I only know that my next TV will not be a Samsung unless they let me delete this bloatware.


All models have this fault.. I went from 0mb to 450 by getting a new mobo installed by tech...


No reset format blah blah blah will fix it... New MOBO, start again... No other way around it



So, this thread makes my head hurt;. What a horrible sh*t show. For now I have disabled internet acces for the TV and I am working with an OpenSource TV Box. I have two devices because the SMART-TV is so limited.


Couldn't agree more with the comments here. I considered getting a different name of TV due to similar issues on my last Samsung TV, but stupidly thought maybe they've fixed the issue. However the new Series 7 TV I got it WORSE than the last one! I have a single app I've installed myself, which I can't reinstall or updates as there's not enough space!! All the other storage is taken you by Samsung's bloatware!!


I'll know to stay away from Samsung in future. This is frankly pathetic. 

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I have the same problem.  Samsung preinstalled apps, which I will NEVER use, take up more than half the room.  I do not have enough room for the apps I want to use.  I should be able to use the memory on my tv for apps that I choose, but apparently Samsung does not respect private property and is renting out the memory on my tv to third parties like Discovery GO, ABC, etc.  Sucks!  A lawyer should bring a class action against them as I feel my rights are definitely being infringed.


Have you find some solutuon yet?


I've had my TV best part of a year and not noticed this problem before until I was looking for the Disney + app and got a message saying the software update failed due to insufficient memory and recommended deleting apps.


Most of them I can't delete even though I don't want them and will never use them, but I deleted Disney Life as it has a short shelf life now anyway, but then I tried to reinstall it just to see if I could; I couldn't.


This is a ridiculous state of affairs which Samsung needs to fix. Ok, if they want to take money from companies to put their apps on I can live with that - as long as they leave ME with the option of removing them, especially as they are selling space that is limited and which I feel I already paid for when I purchased the TV. It's implied into the contract when you buy a Smart TV that you will be able to use it as a Smart TV, not that they will use it as an advertising tool that destroys its functionality. 


I will never buy another Samsung TV because of them not letting you delete their bloatware. 

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