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How do i delete or block bloatware apps on smart tv ?



 As you can see the above apps won't allow me to delete them.


We have strong views about some of these apps and i don't want our family to have to deal with them on our new expensive smart tv.


We wish to delete them all. Specifically the pay for view cinema apps.


Failing that we need to stop the pay for view cinema app from endlessly  playing when you select live tv.


Not everything it shows is to our liking and it's a temptation to make purchases for the family and leads to arguments.  Its eye candy infront of babies.  Seriously wtf samsung.


When I choose live tv I don't want it to default to these junk channels.


Can anyone help us block the automatic viewing or delete them entirely  ?


We certainly didn't pay less for the tv to put up with advertising in our living room which we don't accept on our other devices.


Ps here's a link of samsung claiming all apps can be removed:


Finally figured it out. Searched tirelessly for "channel list" on the UI and settings, and then found the "CH LIST" button on the remote itself. Then went to delete all channels. Problem solved. There was no way to get to that menu prior to pressing the button on the remote. Hope it works for you too. It's been infuriating up to this point.CH LIST button by my thumbCH LIST button by my thumb



No it doesn't work. Sorry.

Theyve greyed out the tv plus as they have done a deal with samsung to screw their customers or so I'm told. So they refuse to allow us to ever delete them. Unless you can tell me otherwise...


I’m utterly floored by Samsung’s callouse treatment of customers. I will never buy another Samsung product again, and we own several. When these are gone so is Samsung.


Unacceptable behavior that should be illegal. We despise tv+ and the auto-play features. Has all the class of the auto play videos of bad media companies and sheister news sites: “klassy.”


And these are not inexpensive televisions and phones, and we don’t just have a few of them. 


Shame on you Samsung. Shame shame shame.

Yeah its a shame. The next model didn't have this issue but you have to pay another 1000. The phones are great but they burn out or the updates make them worse. The Bluetooth on the tv since the update doesn't work either. Kind of disgusting.

I just bought a Samsung Smart TV and I see what you mean. Thoroughly disappointed with the fact that they have a bunch of hardwired apps taking up so much space on a tv I paid for. I didn’t drop $1000 on a TV for it to come with two different apps entirely in Hindi, displaying only Hindi shows. I live in Canada and speak English. The least they could let me do is DELETE THE F-ING APPS THAT ARENT EVEN ENGLISH SO I CAN HAVE SPACE TO PUT ON THE APPS I WANT IN THE LANGUAGE I UNDERSTAND ON THE TV I F-ING PAID $1000 for. 


F**k Samsung, I’m never buying a product from this pushy garbage company again. For shame Samsung. You should be disgusted with yourselves. All about money over customer choice. Ironic coming from a company that supports android. This was the last straw. Returning the TV and buying an LG. 

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They’re also constantly under my “recommended apps” because apparently the best recommendations they can muster are apps that are already forcibly installed in a variety of languages spoken on the opposite side of the planet. What a disappointing purchase. I cannot appropriately convey how throughly stupid this design choice was. Stupid enough for me to warrant never buying another product from them. Best I return it before it explodes anyways.


The stupid channels and TV plus app came back so we've just decided to disconnect internet from the TV altogether. Kind of a drastic solution, but at least there's finally some peace. It was actually such a relief, so I'd recommend this as an option to consider for those of you who are still frustrated by Samsung's "features".


Just made an account to support the community. I also am frustrated by Samsung's way to handle their customers. Don't force people to use apps which they don't want, history tells us forcing people to do something never works. If you do so Samsung please don't wonder when Huawei starts to take your place in the Smart TV bussiness.


In Austria, you are forced to watch HD Austria channel on Samsung Series 7


Wish you all the best.


I have model number UE55KS8080 with current softy as of today 8 Jan 2019.

I have the TV plus issue.... 

I am surpriseto find my TV Plus app was starting up my TV today . Multiple times the tv just turned itself on and played TV Plus which I have never used on this TV.  Continued to do so after powering off the tv and leaving it off. 


I HAVE TRIED to block and delete it but it's not listed in the APPS menu (I blocked most other unwanted apps I found there).


So instead I went into the Channels on live TV AND DELETED all the TV Plus channels. I also removed TV Plus from the home screen. And I ensured the Tv was set to use the last used App when switching on, but if I turn it off by when in Netflix, it no longer opens on  Netflix when I next turn on the TV (this was a specification which meant it was a Netflix certified TV when I boihhh it!). Instead my tv plays a live TV channel which seems to be promoting or related to TV plus ... Still! Any final solutions welcome!


Try this . Press honenandbgo to settings cog . Go to System. Then to Expert Settings. Adjust the Autorun Last App setting to "off" .Turn off tv. Turn on and then go back to Autorun Last App andasetting and change it to "on" . 


By doing this I was able to at least make my last used app the one that comes up at start-up. For now anyway . May not work on all models but did for my 8 series tv. (UE55KS8080). WISH YYO WELL.


...and Samsung please calm down the bloatware defaulting to ON, and preventing deletion.

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