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Hopefully you change course samsung

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Hi samsung, just wanted to pop by and, much like many others, confirm I won't be buying your products again (i know the community is like yawn, whatever ).

Anyway, the reason i won't be buying any of your products again and actively encouraging everyone i come across to not purchase anything either is one of your many many dumb decisions (And if you think I'm wrong, go look at that collapsing share price.... I'm not wrong). The decision to no longer support avi files in my new tv is the straw that's broken the camels back. I have to now go and re-encode nearly 4tb worth of videos to be able to watch them. That is going to be hundreds of hours of re-encoding (and no i am not purchasing another device to then link through). My 2 previous samsung tv's could read them, and now this greedy decision has been made and soured my view of samsung. And to me this decision is not a small thing as a person that likes tech and all sorts of gadgets but I always require the basics to function in any product I purchase. 

I have always likened samsung to toyota corollas, in the sense that sure they're not super flashy, but they just get the basics done and done well (but yeah i guess some of the premium products are indeed flashy but that's not customer category I'd fall under. I'm more bread and butter looking for good value). Now, a few things should have been the tip off that your share price was going to tank. Firstly, I won't mention the companies name, when i was in the uk (back over in ireland now) but we had purchased 25 monitors in a business and 2 of them were faulty. To call the support company we dealt with incompetent would be exceedingly generous (if you've had a faulty samsung product in the uk then you've definitely dealt with them)... it took 3 months to replace those 2 monitors because they were absolute buffoons... just worthless. Secondly, as soon as you got rid of the headphone jack on your premium phones I realised you were trying to copy apple (I'm an investor and that's another companies share price which is plummeting because of consistently stupid decisions and the only reason it has been up for so long is because of them buying their own stock with 0% interest rate loans. Now that rate hikes are imminent and inflation is here, those days are all the way gone. If you have apple shares... good luck with that... I digress). So in effect copying another companies mistakes because that's who you're aspiring to be.... yikes! And then of course we come to this, lack of avi file support. All these small issues add up over time and for me I'm done. Glad that I was involved with you guys over the last few years but you are no longer the toyota corolla that I can rely on . 2 samsung laptops, 3 samsung phones and 3 samsung tv's so yeah i loved and know your products.

Anywayz, just my 2 cents, use it, don't use it, doesn't bother me either way. Honestly my gut instinct tells me you've got some cancer in your company making poor decisions. It probably talks loud, it probably has massive confidence, it's probably in the toilets doing coke all day . But I would recommend it needs to go. You need to focus on the basics. You're losing sight of that but that's where your strength lay. I believe you will continue to lose market share as you listen to whoever is making these broken decisions. Good luck and see you anon. 

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I love this kind of feedback The lack of AVI support was also something I experienced, I solved this by using PLEX- That said, this is not the most innovative solution for a Smart TV.

Regarding the Stock Price: Actually, this issue is something with Tech in General, investors consider technology currently a "Risky Endevour" which is not related to only Samsung.

Here a few companies:


As you can clearly see, every tech company had a big hit (Some more than others, but its a wider issue than only Samsung).

In gerard with handling the warranty: Yeah, waiting 3 months sucks. The store should actually have replaced it directly because DOA. Did you go though the store or Samsung itself? Because legally speaking the store is responsible but Samsung offers additional service from their end just in case something happens with the store. I have made a shortlist of vendors myself that have a decent RMA procedure to prevent this kind of issues.

Regarding removal of the headphone Jack: What phone that is released has it removed? I must admit that Samsung is one of the companies that did keep up with it the longest but I'm not aware of the removal yet in its current high-end product line. (Perhaps in the S10, but that phone is not confirmed yet).
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haha, but do you really love it
So you're saying the solution is to be online 100% of the time so i can watch my movies.... erm no sorry can't be doing that. it's a tv, i'm using it as a tv and nevermind the fact that they don't my nas box. So 2 strikes.... i don't think we need a third .

Yes tech companies took a big but nah, some will recover and others will slowly drift ever lower. There is no crystal ball, but the market is emotional in the short term but very rational in the long term. it will drift down to a value position and just sit there until some proper leadership comes in. That's my prediction anywayz.... who knows.

Regarding monitors, they were purchased through a large supplier but we had to directly through samsung then onto "unmentionable company" for support... there is no way around it if you have a faulty samsung product.

And finally yes s10 is the phone i am referring to... so far the story is that they're doing away with that pesky useless headphone jack . if they were still making laptops i'm assuming here we'd start seeing them have everything out of the laptop by dongles (that is still my favourite decision by apple ever... just beautiful .
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