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Hey where is SS-IPTV app gone?


I had SS-IPTV app installed on my TV and now it is gone without any explanation from SMARTHUB and my TV.


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Hi @oto.


If all of your software is up to date and that app has disappeared, then I'd advise getting in touch with the app developer as they may have removed support for your model.

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According to developer Samsung has removed the app without a warning. This is simple IPTV app with user content so why it is removed?


The app **IPTV is still available on others brands applications market (ej: LG) , Samsung should put that app back into the samsung market.


The Samsung removed the app without noticed,cause the app is so good and interfere with Samsung business.Yesterday I`ve sent brand new Galaxy phone for repair,today they removed the only app I`m using.This was the last product I bought from this company.You can have your junk back,I`m buying Sony or LG


They removed the app becaus of some lousy complain from Spanish TV broadcaster that their stream is available in SS-IPTV app. This is totaly fake and Samsung knows that the app doesn't contain ANY streams only user added IPTV playlists. When app is installed it is totally EMPTY.
Samsung has very slow app approval process which takes 1-3 month and even with this process they doesn't know that SS-IPTV is totally safe and Spanish TV  (Mediapro) report is fraudulent? Then why this lenghty approval and review process that doesn't actually approve anything just to make face that they care about customer safety while in reality it seems nothing is reviewed at all or reviewer lack any technical knowledge.
Very nice move from Samsung not to protect it users or app developers but some 3rd party liar company. Oh yes  block my TV also as I watch Youtube videos and they also could infringe copyrights.



Dear users!

This june Spanish company Mediapro has blamed ***** IPTV for copyright infringement and sent this video as a proof.
Anyone ever used our app understands from the video that playlist showed refers to user own content and it is not distributed with the app.
Unfortunately all our reasons has been ignored and Samsung 'offered' us to solve this problem with copyrighter ourselves removing ***** IPTV from the store. We try to resolve the situation but it's not so easy as Mediapro ignores our messages 3 weeks already.

For your part you can make request about this to Samsung Electronics support service.


This is the video they sent as " proof" -

It is clearly their own playlist and that is what is this app used for. For example you have a local internet and TV provider from which you can buy access to IPTV channels.

I am not buying a new samsung tv I am getting an LG with **iptv


Samsung tvs should be opened to other apps like ssiptv


SIPTV is different app this issue is with SS IPTV app(

Samsung still has blocked the app and lying to it's customers that app developer has removed it.


We all are waiting official answer from Samsung why app is removed!!!

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