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Help with TV Samsung UE65TU8500 (2020) HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

(Topic created on: 13-06-2021 11:05 AM)
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Hi there

I am hoping someone in the Samsung Community can help me - I have just bought the above Smart TV and want to do 2 things

1/ Filter TV - does anyone know how I get to this option using my remote control - I am probably being dumb but I cannot get the cursor to settle on the "Filter TV" option

2/ Delete Freeview Channels / Apps 

I want to delete many of the freeview channels ... but I cannot see how to do this using my remote control

I have been online and read / seen many tips .. and tried them all .. none of them work.... for example many tips say press the "edit" button on my remote ... my remote does not have an "edit" button. Other tips say say hold the "yellow" button .. tried it .. and nothing happens 

Any help much appreciated!











Samsung Maker ★

Hi @Jonny2  If you mean the channel Filter , from manual  To move to the Channel Filter or Aerial Type, Schedule Manager screen: Press the  123 or the 4 colours button. (If the remote
control button is 123  , press it twice.) see detail here on page 84 of Guide

3.2.0_EM_NIKE_EU_ENG_210219.0.pdf     You can also filter media content by type of media.

To delete Freeview Channels go to navigate to  Home- Live TV- TV Channel List- Edit Channels.  Should be able to Delete from there .  See page 92 of Guide .


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