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Hi all , I've tried the hdr+ setting on my ue49mu6500 TV and when watching sky hd the picture goes dim , is that what it does or does the TV need setting up again but with hdr+ turned on? Thanks 

Make sure eco mode is turned off and any other setting that messes with colour.
HDR+ if it does not get a true HDR signal then it does it's best to replicate it. (Which is never as good a the real thing)
Try watching YouTube streams with HDR and see what happens when watching a real HDR source
Hi @Edgie70

HDR+ adjusts the contrast as standard so this may be why you are experiencing a dimming effect. As an alternative enhancement you may wish to try enabling HMDI UHD Color, if your sky box supports it: Home > Settings > General > External Device Manager > HDMI UHD Color. If not then you can go to Settings > Picture > Picture Mode > Dynamic, as this makes the picture brighter and clearer in bright viewing environments.


Hi @Edgie70,  Certainly for best effects Eco mode should be switched off  and enable UHD colour on the appropriate  port, should be able to do this for Sky.  However results will  likely  vary  for non HDR content.   Of course depends on preference but  not a fan of Dynamic Mode   and generally not recommended  by experts,particularly for extended periods.  Brighter but some colours can be exaggerated and lack finer detail.


@Edgie70 wrote:

Hi all , I've tried the hdr+ setting on my ue49mu6500 TV and when watching sky hd the picture goes dim , is that what it does or does the TV need setting up again but with hdr+ turned on? Thanks 

I have a KS7500 and everytime I tried the HDR+ setting I experienced the same thing, a much dimmer picture with muted colour and lacking contrast. 

I usually have the TV set to the Dynamic mode to get a bright contrasty picture with vivid colours, but I started to get dissatisfied because the picture just didn't look natural and was losing detail in shadow areas. 

I gave the HDR+ setting another try but experimented with different settings and now have a picture which is not only bright, but with excellent contrast and natural colours. I run the TV all the time with the HDR+ setting on now and the HD pictures are superb, although some SD programmes can look a bit naff, but that's down to the poor quality broadcasts and nothing to do with HDR+.

These are the settings I'm using:

TV Picture Mode: Dynamic 

Special Viewing Mode: HDR+

Picture Size: Fit to screen

Backlight: 20

Brightness: 45

Contrast: 100

Sharpness: 50

Colour: 50 

Digital Clean View: Off

Auto Motion Plus: Auto

Smart LED: High

Film Mode: Off

HDMI UHD Colour: On for all inputs being used

Dynamic Contrast: Off (Essential for brighter picture)

Colour Tone: Warm 1 (Slightly brighter and more natural whites and skin tone)

Gamma: 0

RGB Only Mode: Off

Colour Space: Native 

Those settings work for me so worth giving them a try and see what you think .

Thanks that actually helped me out quite a bit. Picture looks a ton better now.

I found using this setting the picture is nice in colour but looks a little soft.  The faces appear to have heavy makeup. 


1. I am not using 4K sources yet just 1080p. Should I even be using HDR+?

2. Do the Picture settings(Dynamic, Standard, Natural etc. impact the HDR mode?

Interesting. I thought the HDR+ setting over rides all the settings.

I left the picture setting to Standard and found the colour to be very good from all sources but the image a little soft. I will trying Dynamic at the starting point.

I am only accessing 1080p sources right now.

How can you set up dynamic and HDR+ mode at the same time? It only allows One or another on the Samsung 6290. Thanks 


Hi you can't have Dynamic Mode and HDR+ on at the same time, you can either choose to watch one or the other. If you're using Dynamic Mode, Normal Mode or Film Mode, set the picture up to personal preference as you would normally then scroll to the 'Special Viewing Mode' setting and turn on HDR+, this will override all your previous picture settings. Now set that up as instructed, or to personal preference, and then you can toggle between HDR+ on or HDR+ off for a direct comparison between the two. Some programmes you might prefer to watch with HDR+ mode switched on and some you might prefer to watch with it switched off. Just remember that your picture settings for HDR+ are independent from your normal picture settings and there is no need to keep readjusting them as you switch from one mode to the other. 

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