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HDMI Volume Issue

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Hi All


I am new to this forum. I have just bought a QE75Q75 Tv.


The picture seems great but the volume through the HDMI ports seems very low. Is there any way that I can adjust this or is there a common problem?


When watching a Blu-Ray I have to have the volume at 50. If I then ask Alexa to tell

me what the weather is, it deafening. The Alexa volume seems more consistent with what I would expect Level 50 to be. I have tried multiple HDMI sources (Sky, Blu-Ray) etc and they are both the same.


Grateful for any help and I am hoping there is a quick fit or a setting that I am missing. 


goto expert settings in menu sound section and change hdmi input audio format to bitstream or whatever your hdmi devices supports or gives high volume.

also if your sound isnt through tv speakers then change the digital audio output to pcm or whatever your device can support
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