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HDMI signal problem

(Topic created on: 03-08-2022 04:19 PM)
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Hi guys,

I know a lot of people had this problem and I have searched the forum and internet. 

TV UE65H8000ST

Every day when i switch the tv on and want to select connected hdmi port I get the no signal message. I have to unplug and plug the tv to have it back working again. It is annoying as i have to do it every single time. 

I have PS4 and PS5 both connected, it happens on both console on two different hdmi leads, and also same when i connect my laptop. 

So the hdmi leads are fine, external equipment is fine, it must be the fault within the TV? 

When i try to update the tv it shows that it is the latest version - 1410. 
only thing i have not tried is factory reset, the problem is i can not do it because it does say incorrect pin but i do not remember changing it , tried the standard ones 0000,1234,1111 not working  

Is there any permanent solution for this please?


thank you for your time



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Hi @Locouk2   In external Devices manager do  you have AnyNet + ( HDMI -CEC)  switched on. If so try deselecting  or if other way around vice versa.  Have you tried actually disconnecting the cables and then unplugging the TV, ideally for a few minutes and then inserting the cables again. Alternatively can you try any switch the ports.

A factory Reset may be necessary though ,  to rest the pin follow this method:

Have you tried the following:

For Smart Remote:

Turn on the TV, then press the Volume button.
Press the + button to increase the volume, then press the Return button.
Press the – button to decrease the volume, then press the Return button.
Press the + button again, then the Return button, and the PIN should be reset to 0000.
With a Standard Remote
Turn on the TV,  press the Mute button.
Press the + button,  followed by  the Return button.
Press the - button,followed by the Return button.
Press the + button again, then press the Return button, and  PIN should be reset to 0000.
see more in this guide: or Reset Tv Pin 

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