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HDMI connect to TV from PC: no signal

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Trying to connect to my UE32ES5500W via hdmi from PC, I get 'no signal' message.  However, the TV is listed as device in 'devices and printer' window on PC. There is 'two monitors' indicator, when display properties is opened. I tried 'dublicate' and 'extend' oprions, but 'no signal' is on TV when switching to respective HDMI input.

Cable is new, Cablexpert HDMI - HDMI v2.0. PC is desktop on Windows 10.

Previously I successfully connected this PC to this TV via other cables hdmi-hdmi and dvi-hdmi.

When the same is performed from tablet, everything is worked.

Maybe, the cable is damaged, but it is completely new, and TV is detected by PC.


Thanks in advance for any idea.

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