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So I have a new 49" curved screen, UE49KU6100.

Pleased with the television, but I've had loads of trouble with the HDMI auto switch feature not working.

Had loads of tech support, nothing helped.

I have super high grade triple insulated gold plated HDMI cabels. these worked fine with my old flat screen telly and the same periferals I still have.

When nothing would work someone said have you got any old HDMI cabels you could try, which I did.

Hey presto the instant switching now works (although sometimes it does not revert back to the telly after switching off, say the DVD).

The thing I find incredible is cheap jack cables work (very thin and not meant for 4k) but Good Quality Brand new, better generation cables don't work.

Anyone had similar problems, or do I in fact have a problem with the HDMI swictching.

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