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HBO Max Starz and Showtime Anytime Apps all do not work on Samsung Smart TV

(Topic created on: 13-09-2020 12:56 AM)
First Poster

Since early spring around March 2020, I have noticed that I am unable to play video on any of the premium apps (HBO Max, Star, showtime anytime) on my Samsung Smart TV. 


For context, I have a 2018 UN55NU7100 tv that is wired to my router. Other apps like Netflix and Youtube work perfectly fine. 


The issue I experience is that when I open these apps and select a title to play, I receive an error code stating that the video cannot play at this time. In some cases, if there is a short, 30 second preview before a show or movie starts that advertises upcoming new series or offerings, that will play with no problem. But once it comes to playing the actual title, I'll receive the error and I'll have to close out the app.


Also, sometime on the showtime app, the 30 second preview will play over and over again in an endless loop and the actual movie I selected to watch won't even play.


I have tried multiple methods for fixing this including deleting and reinstalling the apps multiple times, cold booting the tv, reseting the overall tv and resetting the smart hub, resetting my router and changing DNS settings. I've done each of these methods probably over 15+ times now. 


I'm also very sure it's not a network issue. I am able to play HBO max perfectly fine on my PS4 which is wired to the same router and TV. Plus other apps on the Samsung TV like Netflix and Youtube work just fine. It's just these premium tv apps that do not work.


I'm pretty sure this is a firmware issue. There was a firmware update around the time that I started experiencing these issues and since then, even with another subsequent update, my premium tv apps are NOT working. I've talked to HBO Max and Samsung and still don't have a solution. Is anyone else experiencing this?