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Hardware upgrade availability Q9fn

(Topic created on: 16-02-2020 08:30 AM)



Firstof all, tv is on latest software. I have reset the tv numerous times by holding power button until Samsung logo appears. This does not help with the following...


i am becoming a little frustrated with the software performance of my tv. Data communication with my sky q box is sluggish and slow in what it shows for this device in the smart menus. I find this unacceptable being honest. Samsung say it doesn't matter as you can select the sky q menu but I want the options to work, specifically the channel guide for sky Q, push channel but up or dow, not press. Favourite channels list never completes, showing grey logos or channels I never use.

also the future lack of 2.1 hdmi concerns me. Is the tv capable of 2.1 ? Is it supported? Or will it be? 

amazon app refuses to respond to the first input.


web browser is exceptionally slow and sluggish.


general  performace is slow for smart features. 

so question is, is it possible to add more ram, swap the one connect box for better performace or any other upgrades that might help...?

Technicians visiting the tv talk about change the mother board in the tv, but said this would not help my issues.


please advise.