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Greyed out settings and issues on UE55JS9000


I've noticed there's quite a few settings on my TV that are greyed out and I know this can be dependant on the source but it seems to be the case on all imputs, in particular under display the PIP and advanced settings are greyed out, feels like it's in demo or shop mode but it isn't


Also got issues where the TV just restarts randomly, I've also ran the anytime+ scan several times but it never changes the source when I switch between imputs, like changing from my STB to my samsung blu ray player or my xbox one, always have to do it manually


Only had it around 6 months and don't wanna really have to get it exchanged

I've used the voice and motion control for years but switched the motion off quite early on as it pucks up a lot of movement.
As for the voice control, I do use this as it gets you great access to a lot of the TV capabilities quickly. However, it does pick up the command to open voice control i.e. 'hi tv', or something similar sounding from you or any program that is on so you may have to say 'cancel' a few times each time you have the TV on.
For me though, the benefit outweighed any frustration.
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I have found several issues suddenly arise from time to time with my Samsung QLED. Greyed out setting features, remote not paired, etc... I turn off the tv, unplug it from the outlet, then plug it back it.  This works as a fix for many issues. It worked to reset the setting options so that all are available.

My self diagnosis option is greyed out on my tv so I can’t reset it. What do I do now?
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Some other settings were greyed out one our Samsung smart Tv. How i fixed it was that i put the tv in demo mode, and switched it back to personal mode. Then all the settings were selectable.

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