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Greyed out settings and issues on UE55JS9000


I've noticed there's quite a few settings on my TV that are greyed out and I know this can be dependant on the source but it seems to be the case on all imputs, in particular under display the PIP and advanced settings are greyed out, feels like it's in demo or shop mode but it isn't


Also got issues where the TV just restarts randomly, I've also ran the anytime+ scan several times but it never changes the source when I switch between imputs, like changing from my STB to my samsung blu ray player or my xbox one, always have to do it manually


Only had it around 6 months and don't wanna really have to get it exchanged


Hi Nij!


Thanks for posting, let's try and get this resolved so you can use your TV to it's full potential. 


Which software version is your TV currently running on? Menu > Support > Contact Samsung. 








software version is currently T-HKPDEUC-1480.4,BT-S


I have checked for updates and it says it's on the latest version, is it normal then for the settings to be greyed out


We've checked it against the website as well, and it is fully up to date. 


It is unusual. Can you let us know all the options that are greyed out when on 'TV' source? What do you have connected to your TV? 




Yeah that's what I thought, it's on any of the HDMI sources and the settings that are greyed out are


Picture - PIP, Advanced settings

              Picture options - HDMI black level, film mode, analogue clean view

Sound - sound mode, sound effect and 3D audio (not sure though if this is because i'm using a sound bar)

Sound customiser

System - motion control

Support - motion control tutorial


I've not gone into every sub menu, but these are the main ones, I've checked on the user mode too and it's definately set to home mode and not store demo, also got the problem with anytime+ where my devices don't change the source when switched on, ie my samsung blu ray player or games console.  Also have the issue where the TV just randomly restarts throughout the day





Let's give your TV a little refresh by doing a reset. Head to Menu > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset. 


Be sure to let us know how you go!



OK will do thanks, will try it this evening and get back to you today or tomorrow


Ok so I've done the reset and without changing any settings


PIP was still greyed out but advanced settings was selectable

Picture options - HDMI black level, film mode and analogue clean view were still greyed out.  I did notice though when I changed the picture mode to dynamic the ones I mentioned that were selectable became greyed out so am guessing that is why

Sound - sound mode, sound effect Sound customiser were selectable but 3D audio wasn't but these all became greyed out again when I changed the sound output to my soundbar so this would explain that one too

System - motion control is still greyed out and also voice control

Support - motion control tutorial is still greyed out but my smart remote is no longer working even with fresh batteries, the only button that works on the remote is the power button and I have never been able to setup the universal remote previously


I'm guessing then some of the features and options may be dependant on tv model and I'm not too worried about the options that are greyed out at the minute, just wondered if this was normal and am I getting the best out of my TV, my main issues now will be if the tv keeps restarting by itself, which I will test tomorrow and also that my smart remote is no longer working




As you have reset your TV you'd need to re-pair the remote. Press and hold the 'Return' and 'Extra' buttons on your remote and watch the lower left portion of TV screen for pairing information.


Unplug all external devices and try checking the Settings again.


Also, does your TV reset during anything in particular like using a particular app? 


Ahh thanks thought it would of needed to be paired again but wasn't sure how so this is working fine now but I wasn't able to set up the universal remote to control my samsung soundbar and sky q box, even after entering the model number but this is no major concern i'll try that again at a later date


I unplugged all the external devices and PIP, motion control and motion control tutorial were still greyed out but voice recognition was selectable but is controlling the tv with your voice something you can actually do as not tried this yet but not too bothered about that really and all the other greyed settings I mentioned only became that way once I changed the picture and sound options


Actually the tv would always only restart on HDMI 1 which is my sky q set top box and has never happened on any other HDMI sources but this hasn't happened today so hoping that might now be fixed


Thanks again for all your help, you've been great!



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