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Galaxy a12 to mirror on tv

(Topic created on: 25-10-2021 06:53 PM)
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Hi, im new to this site and wondered if anyone can help me  I've just bought a galaxy a12 and I want to mirror it to my tv including Netflix and Amazon Prime  . I've done endless searching on the net but to no avail . It would seem that a HDMI to USB C adapter is the answer. the problem is my tv is not smart, and is less than 4k  also I don't have wireless Internet but have 4g on my phone. My last phone was an iPhone 7 and I bought an adapter for £44 which done the job just fine through my phones 4g . Will the HDMI to USB C do the same thing? If I can't get Netflix etc. There's no point in me buying it  I'd really appreciate some advice on this  thanks in advance