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FreeSync for latest software Samsung Firmware 1310 is now broken again.

(Topic created on: 29-12-2020 04:51 AM)
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Freesync appears broken again. nu8000 55" it forced the update on me when I wasn't looking. Causes driver crashes and the game crashes/stuttering when you alt-tab or have on-screen displays from things such as a mute button in-game or changing the volume in-game. is fine as soon as I turn off Freesync "off" so it's not even a game mode issue just Freesync.


My test case example that I can repeat on demand is when using the Corsair k95 RGB keyboards Mute button.

It normally shows a small icon on the display as windows lets you know that the volume has been muted with a small black box and a sound level displayed inside at the top left corner.  This is a form of a interrupt and will be displayed over the screen regardless of what game or full-screen program is running.  

But even if you didn't have an easy way to test it as I do on mine you would notice quickly as at any point your screen could go black and become impossible to see anything on as it continues to power cycle the display and stays unresponsive.  This is similar behavior to the last time I had problems with this TV and the solution was just to turn off FreeSync.  I thought i wouldn't have to deal with this again because I turned off Auto updates.


SUPRISE! the TV turned it back on for me and decided to update the firmware without even asking me.


Why the hell can't I Downgrade the Firmware SAMSUNG. You should always have the option to go to a previous version if the latest Version is causing you problems or in some cases making your product unusable.


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