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Fraudulent and piracy programme on Samsung App /Samsung Smart TV/

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I would like to hereby inform a fraudulent and piracy program currently available in Samsung Apps which i downloaded to my Samsung Smart TV directly from TV Samsung apps- The name of this app is Smart IPTV and website is
This app requested to make a payment , made the payment and 7 days later service turned off,sent a message to,  a guy who manages this / no real names just a nickname ''needz'' /   he said he doesn't care about this and when i told that I will go to the police he said- ''what will you say? that you were using a pirated channels?'''
OK, i suppose Samsung cant guarantee that some developers will cheat on users but why a pirated software is located in Samsung Apps? / Got proof of my payments and email received from this guy where he says he is using pirated software/.


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I'm using smarters right now and didn't pay anything. Maybe you should contact your credit or debit card company and place a claim. They should reverse the charges. Send them the copy of the email you received from "needz". They should see that this is a scam and reverse the charge. 


@ Ellenhcfc

FAKE post also...!!!
See my answer on the other guy...

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