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Frame TV 2019 , turns off when going into art mode


It appears to be impossible to do the following 

- enter art mode by tapping power quickly

- using the home menu

- using smart things 


all of these cause the TV to shut down


also connecting over Bluetooth does the same 


and - it’s not possible to preview or use a picture for art mode in smart things 


the smart things app can work as a remote and can control the tv


is this a known issue , or does it need returning ?




I have the same issue can you help?

Hi Danny,


I have a QE55LS03RAUXXU which will not access art mode, can you help?



Hi, I’m having the same problem. Can you help? 
tv is up to date, no power surge

Hi Danny, I have exactly the same issue. Do you have any suggestions ok on what I need to do. I've done everything listed on the forums. 

Hi Danny--


I (very frustratingly) have this same issue.



I go into Art, use the app to display a painting,  in ~45sec, the unit turns off. 
Do you have a solution?  
Ben D.

Hi Danny,


I also need help with this 

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I had this problem and concluded that it is possible at set up to corrupt your personal settings if Art isn't set up properly at the begining.  This means everytime you log in you overwrite the system start up with your corrupted settings.  You need to clear out your own log in and start again.

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I received my Samsung 32 Frame a week ago ,I have spent nearly all my spare time since then to get it to work with no joy . Despite having power off turned off my Frame continues to turn off within minutes , I have no sound  & the movement sensor does not work . Trying to speak to Samsung is impossible ,have always been please with Samsung products & all my TVs are there’s but this is ridiculous

Hi Danny,  I am having the same issue with the 55inch Frame TV 2019 Model (QE55LS03RAU) the TV switches on selecting the Art mode either on the remote or via the TV app.  Can you provide USB update you mentioned on the thread for this issue?



I have the same issue with my frame TV.  I was just checking if you got the issue resolved? Also can you recall what part was ordered to resolve this?


Thanks and Regards 



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