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Frame TV 2019 , turns off when going into art mode


It appears to be impossible to do the following 

- enter art mode by tapping power quickly

- using the home menu

- using smart things 


all of these cause the TV to shut down


also connecting over Bluetooth does the same 


and - it’s not possible to preview or use a picture for art mode in smart things 


the smart things app can work as a remote and can control the tv


is this a known issue , or does it need returning ?



Danny T - any update?.. After 24 hours of waiting your customer support came back and suggested I needed to create a samsung account!

PeterMaude - how did you get traction to have a replacement?

So, I have been contacted by the service centre which was dealing with my 'repair' to update me on the progress (or lack of).  The part they had ordered for my TV hadn't turned up as expected and after contacting Samsung they were told that the part wasn't in stock.  I was informed that I should be getting a call from Samsung about my TV but have still not heard anything.  When I contacted Samsung to chase this up, I was told they were waiting on an engineer's report and they'll be in contact as soon as possible.  I don't think it takes an engineer's report to tell them what the issue is.  They should be aware of this from when it was reported originally, and this clearly isn't an isolated issue.

Kwb73 I was told I’d need a replacement or refund after trying just one reset. I was put through to that department (sales I believe), only  to be pulled apart very rudely by the ‘manager’ on the end of the phone who lambasted me for ‘not following our procedures’. 

I had already asked to try to persevere to fix it over the phone. He basically said ‘we can only offer a refund‘ after I said I wasn't willing to be without a tv for days whilst I’m at home recovering from an operation, also with no one to inbox a new tv for me. 
 Hence I wasn’t following THEIR procedures! 
I was made to feel like I was being difficult. 
I asked to go back to technical to try other ideas. 
Very quick to offer a refund, this actually doesn’t fill me with confidence. 
I bought a tv in good faith. 
I just wanted it to work. 
It needs fixing, surely it can’t be that difficult to find a voonon denominator. 
I’m really disappointed and don’t need the stress at the moment. 

Someone on here was using a Samsung s10 phone with the same issues,  so it’s not apple. If it was, it’s been mid-sold to everyone and is in breach of consumer rights (sale of goods and services act) as it is not fit for purpose. 

I provided lots of info to show how everything is behaving, if everyone else’s is doing the same then there’s a common fault with the product.
It literally seems to me that the art mode setting software is not installed or inoperative. 
Selecting it on screen powers off the tv.
Selecting it by using the remote power button, powers off the tv. 
I think the smart things app cannot therefore pick up the link and read it, hence why that is malfunctioning too.  
Any other issues for you? 
Got though to UK escalations yesterday ... was told engineers would call..24 hours have passed and no contact.. just sent chasing email. It appears we are all battling the same tech problem and same customer support ( or lack of it)

Currys are replacing mine Tomorrow.   So will update here.  

Good luck! 

Sadly mine came directly from Samsung so Ithey have to collect it, return it to warehouse, and test it before they can get a new one sent out. 

I dont want to be without a tv. I’m recovering from an operation and my tv is vital! 

Just unboxed the tv, spent ages trying to make work with no joy.

Samsung online chat haven't helped much and taken phone number.

Found the forum, outlook is bleak.

Hello & welcome
Sorry to hear you’re also having the same issues.
They’ll ask you to reset to factory.
Do you have a Samsung account?
What phone do you use, etc...

I personally think there’s a faulty batch missing some software - perhaps.

Anyone with solutions or updates INCLUDING SAMSUNG feel free to fill us in.


Yes have a Samsung account, used a Samsung phone and reset everything.

Made even more annoying as it too a fair while to mount dead level on the wall!

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