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Frame TV 2019 , turns off when going into art mode


It appears to be impossible to do the following 

- enter art mode by tapping power quickly

- using the home menu

- using smart things 


all of these cause the TV to shut down


also connecting over Bluetooth does the same 


and - it’s not possible to preview or use a picture for art mode in smart things 


the smart things app can work as a remote and can control the tv


is this a known issue , or does it need returning ?



Hi WTGB.. I wouldn’t waste any time with Samsung chat or helpline - I’d suggest you call Samsung (UK) HQ 01932 455000 and ask for the ‘escalations team’.

Hi - the replacement from Currys came, and this DOES work.  As does the app


So it does look like some sort of faulty batch.   I think it is really bad for Samsung when they sell direct to do this to everyone.  Certainly will never buy direct from them in the future, after reading how poorly they treated people.


To be fair to Currys, they were good, and never had an issue with replacing, once I explained I had tried everything with Samsung.  I was firm with Currys, that they were the retailer, the duty was on them, not Samsung to sort out.  I can imagine they try and push people back at Samsung, but if you are firm they will replace.


I know that is not much help to members who bought direct.   Good luck


That’s great news for you petermaude!


I’ve just got off the phone with a supervisor after a number of messages this morning.


It turns out they only have two issues logged. So if everyone could email them to log their issue at this email address it will help them determine what the issue is, and resolve them. Thanks!



CaseyV - Just DM'd you my uk complaint reference ..

Petermaude - great news - there's hope!

I have similar issues.


When my tv is in art mode it is unresponsive. I can power off and power on. But all the other buttons on the remore don't do anything.


I can only get the tv working by enabling an HDMI device, I think the TV then automatically leaves art mode.


Hello everyone! 


So we have had work back now, and (more importantly) a solution! 


Could those of you with the 2019 Frame TVs send a PM through to me? Please include the model code of your Frame in this message. This is so we can get a USB sent out with the relevant update.  


Looking forward to your messages! 



Welcome to the Community!

View solution in original post


Same problem bought July 2019. No solution even with firmware update 


I have the 2019 49” Frame TV and it turns off when art mode is enabled. Can you please provide a solution? Thank you. 

Hi, if you purchased direct from Samsung scroll through this thread - there’s a UK escalations number and arrange for it to be repaired - I had my circuit board replaced . If you got it elsewhere just take it back. Samsung aftercare is a nightmare.... basically art mode has not been installed on your TV

Hi, I was pretty firm with Currys.  The main premise of this TV did not work out of the box.  Replace it, or refund.  They replaced, and it was fixed. 


If you have purchased direct from Samsung.  First of all, I would now never buy direct from samsung,  I like the protection of a UK Retailer.  


Tell Samsung, you are not prepared to have it repaired, under consumer law (As long as it was immediately after purchase) they have no choice.  Keep escalating at Samsung, until someone sorts out a replacement, would be my approach


Good Luck 

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