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Frame TV 2019 , turns off when going into art mode


It appears to be impossible to do the following 

- enter art mode by tapping power quickly

- using the home menu

- using smart things 


all of these cause the TV to shut down


also connecting over Bluetooth does the same 


and - it’s not possible to preview or use a picture for art mode in smart things 


the smart things app can work as a remote and can control the tv


is this a known issue , or does it need returning ?




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Hello everyone! 


So we have had work back now, and (more importantly) a solution! 


Could those of you with the 2019 Frame TVs send a PM through to me? Please include the model code of your Frame in this message. This is so we can get a USB sent out with the relevant update.  


Looking forward to your messages! 



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Try a full reset? Mine doesn’t do any of these things.
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I bought the 55" version a week ago and have the same problem. I contacted Samsung about this and performed a reset which didn't work. They initially wanted me to return the TV but managed to get an engineer sent out instead. They have been today and have ordered a new part for this which will hopefully fix the issue.

Same problem here.

Just bought the frame 55. 

Cannot switch to art mode - screen goes black/ off.

Cannot set/ upload art from smart things app. 

Cannot connect tv to phone via smart view app. 

Four days of frustration - twitter help, web help, email, live chat, phone... getting nowhere. 


just our if interest, when did you get your tv? 

Im wondering if we have a faulty batch? 



it it was purchased from Currys around 20th July. It never worked out of the box.  A case is now open with Samsung support,  they logged in remotely , were stumped , and it’s now been escalated.  Will keep this thread updated 



Thanks for letting us know .  That’s three now in a fairly recent time period !  Will keep this updated 


so just as an update - Samsung support were useless,  they kept wanting to remote into the TV, then factory reset, then rinse repeat, scratch heads, claim they escalated it,  and never call back.  So its back to Currys.  Will see if a new one sorts it


So 5 days of trying to sort this out - case escalated, looking for solutions. 

I have asked Samsung to view this thread to recognise there are others with the same issue, in the hope they find a common denominator, and a solution. 


Can i I ask what mobile device you are using for the smart things app? 

I've attempted to use the SmartThings App on S10+, iPhone and iPad.  It doesn't work on either device.

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