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Format digital sound greyed out Netflix app Frame TV

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Format digital sound greyed out Netflix app Frame TV. Only option is Dolby Digital + but this is not compatible with my Denon AVR 2113 (Dolby Digital or PCM does). But somehow I couldn't change that. So HDMI sound in Netflix is popping and distorted.


It happen overnight after the 3 months without any problems.



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Try again.. it started working for me again just yesterday!

Netflix App was updated 7/23/2020 to 9.0.0

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I have the same problem and probably even the same receiver. 

It worked. One day, I got this strange sound in Netflix that almost sounds like laughter. 

I can't remember what I did exactly, I think I somehow managed to switch off dolby digital+.

But now the issue is back again and I can't chose any other option in the settings while in the netflix app… 



(There is another thread the describes the same problem. I am reposting here again hoping that Samsung will be able to resolve this issue. It might be a software bug either in the OS or in the Netflix app.)


I have got the same problem (using a Samsung Q70 connect via HDMI ARC to my Denon AV). I believe it must be related to the Digital Output Audio Format which is set to Dolby Digital+ (my Denon cannot process this audio format), which I can't change to Dolby Digital or PCM when I am running the Netflix app. All other apps (eg Spotify) work fine. Strangely enough, this was working until a few days ago and suddenly it won't anymore !? Any ideas or any feedback from Samsung?


Having the same issue, the output format is locked into Dolby Digital Plus and can't be changed. My receiver doesn't support Dolby Digital Plus and has been set to Dolby Digital forever. I'm not sure if the app updated, or if this is a firmware update issue. Either way, I hope they can get it fixed.  Extremely annoying. 


Just chatted with Netflix customer service describing my issue and also referring to the community chats here. They told me that the issue has been escalated to their technical team and that they're working on it (but they also cautioned that it might take days or weeks to get resolved). Given I only have the issue with Netflix (all my other apps work fine) it probably needs to be resolved on their side.


I have spoken several times with tech support, I even had a tech leave my house a couple minutes ago, and the issue is still present, my current setup:

TV  Q70R 

Pioneer Elite VSX-43

they are connected via HDMI/ARC 

PS4 connected to Pioneer


Until software update everything worked fine, after software:


Nextflix: produces static noise via the Pioneer Elite, and it's stuck in Dolby +, cannot change it

app will work normally when receiver not used (and this is because HMDI/ARC is not being used)

PS4: I get a HDMI source not connected (because it's using HDMI/ARC)


Yes, I know the work arounds, but that's not the point, everyone at Samsung seems to believe that it's just easier to blame Netflix or in my case the receiver, yes the fix is simple downgrade firmware but that's impossible according to Samsung, or their fix is not to use HDMI/ARC, but it's definately not a problem with the firmware, really ?? And to top it off it seems that no Samsung rep even takes the time to check in here, they would have figured out yes, firmware updated messed things up, just take responsibility and fix it.

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Hi all,

I am experiencing the exact same problem. Suddenly, the Netflix app broadcasts only through Dolby Digital plus from the Samsung TV and it cannot be changed. Have talked to Samsung, Netflix but no help.





I have a Q85R, 2019 mod. 


I have the same problem.


Phoned Samsung and Netflix suport here in Norway.


Samsung think its a Netflix issue, and Netflix think its a Samsung issue. :serious-face-with-symbols-covering-mouth:






Hi All,


Has anyone been able to resolve this issue? I'm having the same problem with my Q65r TV connected through my Q70r soundbar and only appears to be an issue with Netflix.


I've also had similar experiences with Samsung blaming Netflix and vice versa.


We have the same issue here. Samsung the frame 2019 connected with denon 1912 with hdmi/arc. I seems that no firmeware upgrade is availble to fix this problem at the moment. Already a few months escaleted without any result! I had some problems with other services of samsung before. It seems samsung service it getting more and more terrible. I don t know if I will buy an other samsung product in the future. Dissapointed 😞

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