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Format digital sound greyed out Netflix app Frame TV

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Format digital sound greyed out Netflix app Frame TV. Only option is Dolby Digital + but this is not compatible with my Denon AVR 2113 (Dolby Digital or PCM does). But somehow I couldn't change that. So HDMI sound in Netflix is popping and distorted.


It happen overnight after the 3 months without any problems.


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did this get fixed for anyone?

ive got the same problem.

samsung QE55Q60 

AVR denon X1600H

can just get stereo, not 5.1

5.1 audio works fine with other apps like HBO and amazon prime.


samsung and Netflix customer support both clueless and no help. 


Add me to the list of people with the same issue here.  Hopefully Samsung will release a fix soon


same problem here, just bought the TV and this is so frustating, i didnt have any problem with my previous TV

I cant believe you guys raised this so long ago and nothing happenned, it shows that samsung does not care to its customers

I agree. Both Samung and Netflix are blaming eacho ther. Neither are saying they will fix this problem.

problem is actualy Dolby who changed their format for DD+. Old receivers can't decode the DD+ format. I can override the DD+ output on my LG TV (also on apple TV), so I receive a PCM format which works but without surround. this can be corrected with Dolby Prologic II for example to create a kind of surround sound. 

Conclusion: Samsung can make a difference IF they want to override the DD+ to PCM for example or DD. But they are not willing it seems


I have exactly the same, but opposit.

Netflix app played Dolby+ and Atmos (to samsung soundbar) for a year perfectly, but suddenly it's stuck on PMC and greyed out. 



It started working now!!!  I am guessing some sort of update.  I think the app was updated and I can set the netflix sound to dolby digital instead of dd+ !!!

Software Version: 1360
Netflix Version: v9.0.0 (Updated 7/23/2020)  Woot woot...


Try again.. it started working for me again just yesterday!

Netflix App was updated 7/23/2020 to 9.0.0

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I finally found a solution for my 5.1 sound issues. I signed in to my Netflix account online (not through the tv) and found an option in the profile settings for data usage limits. Mine was set on low, after I changed it to high/unlimited i got the 5.1 option in the audio menu.

Wo genau bei den Profileinstellungen?

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