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Flagship Samsung 2021 TV - vertical banding

(Topic created on: 28-12-2021 06:18 PM)
Rich H

Hi all, bought the QN800A TV and have issues with vertical banding when watching UHD football, PS5 and Xbox series X, especially noticeable when images are fast moving.

also visible when using Amazon prime so not just on the HDMI connection.

I have troubleshooted with Samsung technical support twice (TV is 4 months old). They have been terrible in customer service and fobbed me off that it is working to spec.

how can their flagship £3500 TV be working to spec when vertical banding is visible ?? What an absolute joke and disgrace. My previous Samsung had none of these issues by the way.

I have genuine HDMI 2.1 cables, have replaced and retried multiple times and issues still exist.

not even sure what to do with this now after technical support have said nothing further for them to do with it.

I have multiple pictures and videos to prove the issue as well







Rich H

Hi, I thought I would check back in with an update;  I went back to where I originally bought the TV (curry’s) and they were very helpful. After a few failed attempts at getting through to the right departments (online v in store) and talked through my issues, they were fantastic.

they raised a case with Samsung directly as it was still in the first year warranty, and it must have been with a different part of Samsung customer service as they were very apologetic about my experience with them so far, and were super helpful.


after they booked for an engineer to come out, who then straight away saw the issue and said the panel was not working to spec, things moved quite quickly.


they were not able to repair the TV due to availability of parts / panels, so I had an option of a like for like replacement or a refund.


opted for a refund, put some additional money to it and bought the new qn800b. Must say it’s fantastic and feels like a big step up from the Qn800a - no vertical banding or dse which is incredible !


I guess it boils down to getting through to the right team in Samsung to help with your issues (for 5 months they didn’t want to know and kept fobbing me off)

First Poster

Hi, thanks for the info on your struggles with Samsung. I have The 65QN94A, with the worst DSE banding I have ever witnessed. Samsung were terrible but I have gone through John Lewis and an engineer is coming to see first hand. Mine is also 6 months old and the picture, day by day, is getting worse.