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Firestick damaging Samsung Smart TV

(Topic created on: 08/05/20 15:10)
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Hi everyone, has anyone ever experienced a firestick damaging a Samsung Smart TV?  Any model? I have a 40" F5300 (2013).  I was watching a program on Amazon Prime & the TV appeared to reset itself. At first I thought my wifi had gone off because all devices disconnected, phone, tablet & Alexa.   I made a cup of tea while I waited for the Firestick to connect again.  When I returned, the TV was resetting again.  I unplugged the firestick & the ethernet cable & the TV continued to reset to the DVI 3 source.  The red LED light was also flashing continuously.  I unplugged everything & left it overnight, but nothing had changed the following morning.  I contacted Tech Support & they advised there was a power issue & would need repairing.  While I considered the option repair or replace on a bank holiday weekend during lockdown, I moved my firestick to my 32" Samsung Smart TV in my bedroom & turned the TV.  I went to get the firestick remote & when I returned, the 32" TV was displaying the same symptoms as the 40", flashing LED light and resetting to the DVI 3 source.  So process of elimination, the firestick is the problem.  2 Smart TVs are caput within 16 hrs, how lucky am I?