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Extremely poor customer service and a shoddy manufacture

(Topic created on: 15-11-2022 07:29 PM)
First Poster

I  wish to highlight the extremely poor customer service and complete disregard that Samsung has for its existing customers!

On 21/02/21 I purchased a Samsung QE55Q700TATXXU 8K TV with a sound bar on line from Curry’s for £1499.

Initially the TV was fine until it started turning itself off and then the screen went blank on 20/09/21 7 months after I purchased it. I spoke to Curry’s to voice my displeasure and was referred me to Samsung as it was under the manufacturer’s guarantee.

I arranged through Samsung to get it repaired (Samsung reference 2130675080). The engineer came out on 06/10/21 and was not surprised and explained that he had been replacing the burnt out chipset on this particular model on numerous occasions for Samsung and Curry’s care package customers and that both companies were well aware of the issue and in fact the chipset had been updated to try and correct the fault.

On 25/06/21 the TV screen again went blank and again I spoke to Samsung customer services and voiced my displeasure at the continued problem with the TV. After much debate they agreed to repair the faulty blank screen and chipset despite it being past it’s 12 month manufactures guarantee. This was completed on 07/07/22 and the engineer was so proficient he completed the work in 10 minutes as he had done so many of these. The repair was guaranteed for 3 months!

On 13/11/22 the TV screen again went black with the same fault. I have had lengthy phone calls with Customer Services department at Samsung who despite knowing all the problems within this particular model and that they stopped making the screen for that model refuse to authorise a further repair or refund.

The attitude was its not our problem anymore! How are you going to inspire customer loyalty if you provide poor customer service and faulty goods. There only suggestion was to demand a refund from Curry’s under the Consumer Rights Act due the poor quality issues of the TV that they made! I hoped to have a realistic prospect in law that after spending £1499 on a TV that it should last more than 21 months and not littered with faults that Samsung were fully aware off.

Looking at the logs it seems that I’m not alone in experiencing the same problems with this TV design and manufacturing and not our problem attitude !

So in conclusion don’t buy a TV from Samsung in the future and buy it from a shop like John Lewis who give you a 5 year no quibble guarantee !!

Rant over!!


My personal opinion, other than a basic phone/watch Samsung is good with general domestic equipments.

I Think EVERY QN700A will fail with the same problem. luckily my engineers company was quick to know the problem and note its just quicker to get Alternative resolution through Samsung. So I did end up with a QN700B. Took 3 weeks to actually get the TV after it was booked in but yea the QN700A seemed not fit for purpose because of that Board that breaks. It seems to be the biggest problem going with any of their TV's. Id be taking them to court based on just how bad Samsung have been with the whole thing.