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External hard disk not working anymore on TV

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I have a Curved smart tv series 6 - 6300, my extrenal hard disk worked till now ( for more than a year) but suddenly it is not working anymore. It shows the hard disk but when I select it, it does not open. 
Can you help me please.

Thank you in advance


I started to have this exact problem two weeks ago.


Samsung did something wrong with the firmware updates for the end of 2019.


We been chatting this here for the past weeks, many pages have a look:


Give Samsung Support an email or something and tell them your issue maybe they will do something about it if we all notify them.


Any fix for this? Iv tried resetting the TV, the HUB, unplug the TV for 30min and turn it back on but nothing has worked :(... 


@HugoAlencar, did you try the TV reset fallowed by the HUB reset back to back, one after the other so no waiting around to see if it got fixed.


Some people in the main thread said the reset TV & reset HUB one after the other worked for them.


If this fails then send those emails / calls / chats with Samsung reps and support.


Facing same issue UA43KU6000 . I hope Samsung resolves it




please note: I do not think that my problem is related to the one where resetting the TV will help, as mentioned above.


I have a similar problem but actually I've had it for years with my UE46D6540. It always took about one year before claming suddenly that it could not read the harddrive anymore and asking if it should format it. I always thought that the harddisk is defective and bought a new one. Recently I went throught the same process but the new HD stopped working again soon after I bought it. So I did some research and found out that the Samsung TVs format the drives in XFS instead of NTFS. XFS is a formatting system which is particularly good for large file sizes. Unfortunately it is also error prone and (in my case) tends to write dirty log files sometimes. This can be remedied using a linux tool called xfs_repair.


Here are more details.


I hope this will help some of you and also help the Samsung technicians find a bug fix for the XFS problem.


Interestingly, my Samsung DVD has never had this problem in the last 8 years.


Best regards



Hi again,


I came across some further information, which I cannot personally verify. It is claimed that the problem that I have with my UE46D6540 is common across the the D6000, D6500, D7000 and D8000 models. The D stands for the year 2011, BTW.


If this is correct, it would be interesting to hear from other people that have a television from this range. It should be simple enough for Samsung to check what is different in the D models relative to A, B, C, E, F, G... Possibly the bug can be fixed through a firmware update.


Best regards


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