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Extended Warranty Declined TVs

(Topic created on: 31-05-2023 08:31 PM)

Has anyone else had an issue with Samsung declining the 5 year extended warranty on a TV.

I bought 2 high end TV’s direct from their U.K. website 50 days ago and at the time I checked with their sales support over the phone and both TVs had the “5 Year Warranty” logo in the RH corner when I purchased. They are listed on the promotion, the promotion is still live today, but they were both rejected citing “other promotion applied, can’t have 2” or words to that effect. I have been speaking to various people who said that was wrong after checking with marketing, but it then goes into a black hole. Went to the CEOs office and the responses are dire. 4 days apart, no real dialogue and they’re claiming there is no promotion is you buy the TV online from Samsung. But there is, and it accepts all the details. Decline emails say you can respond on a link, but just goes into a loop of unrelated links.

I have all the proof it was live when I purchased. Their schedule confirms that. It’s still live now and their sales guys have confirmed it allows to online purchases in writing to me.

But the CEO office is digging in.

I’m now consulting a lawyer. 

Has anyone had a similar issue? It seems incredulous Samsung would ignore the proof and facts the way the are with me. I have 7 of their Televisions and will now replace them as they come up for renewal. 

First Poster

Hi! I just purchased the 2023 55” QN85C Neo QLED 4K HDR Smart TV

(QE55QN85CATXXU) from the EPP Samsung website and have the same issue. There is only 1 yr warranty. The chat advisor told me to get a refund (within 14 days) and purchase the TV again at FULL price to get the 5 yr extended warranty. Considering they raised the price just now, it would be an extra £300 on top. What a joke!!

Samsung you are tricky. You did mention that while you are marketing to sell your tv's for 5 year warranty. After everyone have bought your tv that's when we found out that there are exclusions