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Extended Warranty Declined TVs

(Topic created on: 08-06-2023 12:46 AM)

Has anyone else had an issue with Samsung declining the 5 year extended warranty on a TV.

I bought 2 high end TV’s direct from their U.K. website 50 days ago and at the time I checked with their sales support over the phone and both TVs had the “5 Year Warranty” logo in the RH corner when I purchased. They are listed on the promotion, the promotion is still live today, but they were both rejected citing “other promotion applied, can’t have 2” or words to that effect. I have been speaking to various people who said that was wrong after checking with marketing, but it then goes into a black hole. Went to the CEOs office and the responses are dire. 4 days apart, no real dialogue and they’re claiming there is no promotion is you buy the TV online from Samsung. But there is, and it accepts all the details. Decline emails say you can respond on a link, but just goes into a loop of unrelated links.

I have all the proof it was live when I purchased. Their schedule confirms that. It’s still live now and their sales guys have confirmed it allows to online purchases in writing to me.

But the CEO office is digging in.

I’m now consulting a lawyer. 

Has anyone had a similar issue? It seems incredulous Samsung would ignore the proof and facts the way the are with me. I have 7 of their Televisions and will now replace them as they come up for renewal. 

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Hi AJ,



The 5 Year Warranty Promotion for TVs, states the following;

“Purchase a qualifying product between 22 March 2023 and 31 March 2024 and successfully register your TV to receive an additional 4 years extended limited warranty service. This includes call out charges, parts and labour. It’s just another great reason to choose Samsung.”


5-year warranty by redemption within 90 days on selected Samsung TVs purchased between 22 March 2023 and 31 March 2024. Selected retailers only. T&C's apply. For details please visit:


Unfortunately, this promotion is for selected 3rd party retailers. As such, TVs purchased directly from Samsung are not eligible for this promotion.

TV | 5 Year Warranty Promotion -> Eligible Retailer List 

TV | 5 Year Warranty Promotion -> Terms & Conditions 


I am going through the same issue now.

Samsung literally show the 5 year warranty symbols on the products on their own website.

I have no solution provided by Samsung as yet, surely it can not be denied

Screenshot_20231126_120747_Samsung Internet.jpg


Yes indeed they do.

And I screen grabbed the website when I purchased mine. Then pointed Samsung to both offers at the time of the dispute. They remained live and as you have pointed out, still are live.

They tried the ‘list of retailers’  tactic on me but that’s irrelevant. Their as you say ‘literally’ advertises the 5 year warranty when buying from them.

Mine were a 2023 65” The Frame and an 8k TV so high end hence the warranty being essential. I’m not a student as advertised on my profile btw. Don’t know why it says that. I also have a 43” The Frame, 2x43” UHD and a Sony 84” Master Series 8k which after paying £14,000 for it, the panel went just after a year with a Sony 5 yr warranty. Sony replaced it with the following years model. That model was £8,000 so I felt cheated, but mine was a niche run to show what they could do and it was shipped to Holland so it was gone. They honoured the warranty fairly considering that. The new TV continued the 5 year warranty as opposed to starting again. Pleased to report it hasn’t missed a beat. I’ll be Sony all the way now.

I have a 65” OLED LG G series with also has a 5 year warranty, but it’s only parts? Or only Labour? Not sure. 

Good luck with your enquiry. I’m keeping this discussion as further proof should I have an issue down the line with Samsung.


Sorry, I missed this.

Yes, that what Samsung tried to claim. But appears on the application for the 5 year warranty and it accepts the application before eventually rejecting it.

And the website states it clearly. It had the symbol with “5 year warranty” and I confirmed with the online sales team at the time. I screenshotted the Webhelp when I went back to them and reconfirmed this as originally this was on a call.

I also had their agent confirm that they made a mistake and my TVs shouldn't have been rejected when the first of two was. She passed that onto ‘Marketing’ as only they could override it, but of course, you can’t speak to Marketing and the ‘office of the CEO’ just dug in and continued to entrench themselves despite all the proof they were given.

They also failed to respond to a SAR.

So that’s just their way of trying to get out of it rather than acknowledging they’re wrong.