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eARC is coming


Apparently a firmware update is due this month!


The Korean Samsung site already has firmware 1334.1 for the Q90R so perhaps that is the one with the eARC update? Doesn't seem to be available in the UK yet.


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Need to see, this is  somewhat different to previously reported statement on HD Guru     



Noticed on the Us site  someone noticed a Samsung Ambassador on the product page stated "Q90R will get eARC support with a future firmware update"       However the community  Moderators were unable to confirm.

Samsung advertises the Q90R as already having E Arc but it’s all hype to have you buy it first to learn it is EArc ready/compatible only.
No hardware or firmware has been developed, tested or given to us peasants to use yet and I have waited over 1 year already laying out 2000.00 for the boat anchor Hwn950

Look folks, if you want to achieve something, you need to be loud. We need tech sites to write about this problem. For now, please spam all these Twitter accounts with following hashtags: #earcWithersGate #earcSamsungGate










@StephenWithers @Samsung @SamsungUS @SamsungUK @SamsungSupport @SamsungTV Where is the promised eARC support for 2019 TV's & Soundbar's top models? We feel cheated! #earcWithersGate #earcSamsungGate


The eArc update is now rolling out to 2019 Samsung soundbars such as the HW-Q90R and HW-Q80R - confirmed at the end of this long thread:


This can only be a good sign for those of us waiting for eArc updates for the 2019 QLED TV's. Hopefully they won't be far behind the soundbar updates - you'd think they would roll both out around the same time.



No because they are rolling out 2020 tvs which at the moment take top priority

Has anyone heard of any news regarding a firmware update with eARC for 2019 QLEDs? I have a q90R and was really hoping for eARC. I read on flatpanels' recent article announcing the soundbar eARC firmware update that- 

Samsung has also promised to update its 2019 Q90R 4K TV with eARC. This update is still pending. Samsung 2020 TVs come with eARC baked-in.  source:

 But I was unable to find who "promised" it. 


Dont need it, if you have the q90r soundbar. Plug game console, etc straight into soundbar as the soundbar has eARC. Dont get good sound through tv speakers so dont see the point.


The update won't be happening but I dont care. Dobt go through crappy tv speakers anyway


Seen post via the dutch fourm stating 

"All devices using the MuzeM (T-MSMDEUC) platform will receive the update in mid-July. The update has been delayed due to the COVID-19 virus."


If you can not read dutch like me , open in chrome and use the translate



This was posted via their Community Manager ( )


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