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Disney+ on KS7000 - not in 4K

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Installed the Disney+ app yesterday on my TV. It works fine in terms of playing content.


The issue is that all the films that are listed as being available in 4K are saying they are only in HDR10 HD for me, not 4K or Ultra HD or anything.


My set is a 4K one and Netflix and Amazon Prime work fine with 4K. I can't see any options in DIsney+ to ensure 4K is enabled, info online states everyone gets 4K as only as your device supports it.


I'd rather not have to buy a Roku or something else to get Disney+ in 4K but I can't find anything online suggesting any kind of update or fix is in the pipeline.


Anyone able to help or fill me in on something I've missed?


I'm not convinced. Calibration should make some difference but HDR, if a TV supports it and is sold on that basis, needs to look decent without a load of config that only a limited number of users would know how to do. I think different TV's implement it better than others. Oh and The Mandalorian definitely has HDR issues:


Disney+ is doing funny things though. It claims I'm getting an Atmos sound signal but my amp doesn't identify it as getting discreet height speaker signals. 


Basically the streamers are using the pandemic as a basis to reduce quality (and save money via bandwidth) in ways that only techies are noticing.


Hi all,


It appears due to the recent Pandemic for COViD19, all Disney UK streams will downgrade the bandwitdh during this time. It is therefore possible that your set supports the 4k Ultra HD/ HDR 10/5.1 Dolby but at the moment the max you can get is HD (or even SD).


See this article:


BTW I own the Samsung KS9000 TV



Just an update on the xbox one x situation. Receiving hd only was down to a setting on the tv set incorrectly it now says 4k uhd hdr10 on the xbox one x app. Still only hd on ks7000 and hdr 10 still hasn't returned. Neither samsung or Disney can provide a reason why this the case both blaming each other


I Know this thread is about 4K issue for Disney+

But if you already had the latest firmware 1242 on their KS tv please take a look on this, because in  fact there exists  a much worse issue and bad behaviour from Samsung. Give your feedback please.

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Thanks for posting this because I've recently lost my ability to watch anything on Disney+ from my Samsung tv app since the quarantine.   Something definitely is up!

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