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Disney+ Error 1016 (Model UE40)


Good morning,


We have had Disney+ installed on the TV for about six weeks now and has been working fine. Unfortunately when trying to access it today I get an error code 1016-app_config_failure


I have switched off the power to the TV and chosen reinstall from the apps menu, but the error still occurs. There is no option to delete from the menu as it says that "The basis set of apps on your device cannot be deleted ". 

I can access Disney+ from the firestick in a different room, so there is no problem with there. 

Please help as the children are used to watching films on the tv. 

Thank you. 


I'm also in the UK and having the same issue since yesterday. 
Really frustrating to find out it is a Samsung issue!

I tried everything ( DNS, Resetting to factory status, etc), nothing works!

When will Samsung officially reply? When will this be fixed??


I beleive it affects 2016 models in australia we get a warning message saying Disney / Samsung are working on the issue.


We still don't have access to Disney+ and still getting the "Please use a different device" message!  We are a household of Samsung devices! We have decided to no longer buy Samsung products.  Raging!


This is now on the Samsung UK website:


Please note: Disney+ is available on Samsung Smart TVs from the 2016 K Range and onwards. If Disney+ is not compatible with your TV, there are other devices that you can use to access it. You can use your Samsung smartphone or tablet and mirror your device's screen on your TV. Alternatively, you can use your computer or a PS4 or Xbox One game console.


That sounds to me that they are not planning on any ongoing support for our TV's.  This won't be the last app that no longer works.  I've sent messages to BBC and complained on Samsungs social media sites. 


The Disney Plus app is now working on my Tv. It seems like Samsung has fixed it. 


Right then. Just been back on web chat with Disney and I've got a fix.


This is on a UE40KU6092 model:

Go to Settings > System > Expert settings > Auto Run Smart Hub to OFF


Exit menu and unplug TV for 1 min

Turn back on and Disney is back.



Hi, Just switched on the tv today to try Disney + the App loaded okay to screen (no error message)all that was required was to go through account log in .So it looks like they must have fixed it overnight.Fingers crossed it keeps working?

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I would not be surprised either if they stopped supporting there "older" models, I wonder if they would be so kind as to let people know when these apps will no longer work and what impact this will have on there green credentials. I have a 2016 TV  with an A  rating.. But if I have to change my TV every 4 to 5 years that's not so great just to watch an app... Expect so much better from Samsung and the industry as a whole.. My old tube telly only needed replacing when it went puff not because a channel didn't work. Limitations of a smart society... 😁 

Totally agree. They don't seem to have any green credentials! No saving the environment here, just built in obsolescence.
I checked today and it's fixed. I only had to log back in. Hope it's fixed for everyone too. X
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