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Disheartened just before purchase

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I was just about to order a Samsung system (MU406120 TV, HW-K335 Soundbar and BD-J7500 Blu-ray) but find the MU6120 is only half a TV.  Apparently there is no bluetooth, no included Smart Remote, no bluetooth audio support, no voice integration, no bluetooth HID support and no MBR Support. Without the bluetooth the connection of the soundbar will be impossible in the configuration I want. But a smart TV without a remote ! That has to be a first.

I may now have to get a MU406100 or MU406400. But is the MU406100 similarly flawed?

The MU406400 may be a better bet but it only seems to be available in a silver colour.  Ideally I would prefer black.

Can someone please tell me the best 40" 4K TV with bluetooth and in the colour black?




Hi. I know you wanted a tv in Black but would strongly recommend the Samsung k6400. I bought this tv 3 weeks ago and could not find better. The silver is not too strong so might be worth looking / buying.


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